Month: July 2014

The best tips to make fifa 15 ulimate team coins

There’s no secret way to make a lot of coins extremely fast on Ultimate Team. There’s many guides, but most are just general knowledge and trading tricks that are out dated. The ‘auction house’ market moves too fast for these recycled guides. In order to make coins and keep your UT healthy and wealthy you ….  Read More

FIFA 15 Guide:how to effectively counter the high pressure player

For many of you, there’s a certain type of opponent that you’ll be dreading coming up against and look to avoid like the plague. Well we’re talking about the types of players and AI that go for the high pressure approach, and look to force you into a mistake and give the ball away cheaply. ….  Read More

How to Get Chants in FIFA Ulitimate Team

The soccer game “Fifa Ulitimate Team” has depictions of real players, but none of the real chants fans might use at a game. Those chants can be added so players can personalize their gaming experience. The additions can cover an entire team or a single player. The chant process involves sourcing a suitable sound file ….  Read More