Month: August 2014

Short Q&A about the Raids in Destiny

Bungie has posted a short Q&A about the Raids in Destiny. As stated before, Raids doesn’t feature matchmaking, and requires 6 players to play. Q: I read somewhere that it took 45 minutes just to open the door to the Raid, what’s the deal with that? Luke: Sounds like that group (it was DeeJ’s!) had ….  Read More

Why Destiny is worth preordering

Destiny might be the biggest video game of ending up 2014. So why is it garnering so much attention and is it worth preordering? We list out the top five reasons to pre-purchase Destiny right now rather than waiting to buy it at launch or a later time. 5. PREORDER BONUS Like other popular videogames, Destiny includes a bonus ….  Read More

17 Secret Destiny Codes Details

You may want to have absolutely everything for your favorite game, this list of Destiny DLC codes is best for you, redeemable by anyone who submits them to Bungie’s website. Without having a set time limit for redemption, 17 limited Destiny trading cards were handed out at the Gamescom conference last week. These cards included ….  Read More – A Trusted Destiny Glimmer Seller

As a professional MMO Game supplier, focus in offering you the fast Destiny glimmer at the most reasonable price. You can enjoy 24/7 online support in our store. At the same time, our fast delivery speed and multiple payment methods will offer you a very good purchase experience. Not only can you buy Destiny ….  Read More

Destiny Character: Notable Guide

– See more at: You and your fellow Guardians aren’t the only characters in this great tale. Destiny plays host to many key NPCs who will guide you on your journey through the cosmos. Some, like Ghost, will always be at your side while others, like the Queen of the Reef, will give you missions once ….  Read More

Useful Guide for Destiny Tower

The Tower is one of the most important locations in Destiny. It serves as a base of operations and it is the place worth coming back to after each long journey. The Tower is considered a safe sanctuary, so you do not have to worry about encountering enemies or hostile players here. Instead, a lot ….  Read More

First Destiny expansion launches in December – The Dark Below

Bungie Director of Production Jonty Barnes just announced at Gamescom that Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below, will arrive in December, just a few months after the game officially launches. Bungie also released a new competitive multiplayer trailer. Aliens are threatening our way of life and our very existence, but that doesn’t mean that we ….  Read More

Destiny Class Guide:Detail Analysis of the the Destiny rogue-Hunter

Refer to: The Hunter is a class for nimble kills and skill shots; it requires and favours precision and quick thinking. Hunters are less survivable than Titans and lack the regenerative abilities of Warlocks, but they excel both at a distance in on the frontlines – provided they keep on their toes. It’s the class ….  Read More

Destiny Class Guide:Detail Analysis of the Destiny mage-Warlock

– See more at: A good choice for those looking for something a bit different from the space marine paradigm, Warlocks are heavy damage dealers who, while lightly armoured, are tough to kill thanks to various regenerative properties. Still, you’re made of glass, so if you intend to play a Warlock be warned that ….  Read More