Month: September 2014

New Destiny Glimmer Farm Location Guide – After Destiny Notes

Bungie has finally nerfed the Treasure Cave in Destiny Patch Notes (9/25/2014) : Hot Fix 5, but it hasn’t stopped players from finding other locations. The treasure cave gave people lots of destiny glimmer and engram drops which not only gave them a shot at obtaining legendary gear but also raising the Cryptarch level.

Level Up Fast in Destiny with Power Leveling Complete Walkthrough

One of the good things about Destiny is that despite your character level, low level enemies always give you the same amount of experience points – which makes them worth killing. While many players like to take their time and level up by completing the story, going through the crucible, completing strike missions, and patrol ….  Read More

Easily Destiny Gameplay Playthrough Walkthrough For PS4

Source: There’s no more bullshit but JUST Destiny Gameplay Walkthrough, enjoy it! will continum to update Destiny Gameplay Walkthrough(this guide is continuing to update on Destiny Store News): [PS4] DESTINY – PART 1 – GAMEPLAY WALKTHROUGH LET’S PLAY! – WARLOCK CREATION INTRO! Part 1 features the Warlock character creation intro!

Making a Special and Beautiful Destiny Character

Original Link: When you start destiny chose blue skin looks so attractive soft pink hair, but your equipment? Of course, you’re going to statistics on fashion (most likely), but that does not mean you have to be limited to your aesthetic choice. My armor is wonderful, but it does not have those roses and pink ….  Read More

Destiny 1.0.1 patch notes – Get Closer to the players

Bungie has been hard at work reviewing the data gathered from their live and closed betas. Destiny is their first living game where they have the opportunity to change, fix, and add content to the world of Destiny after launch. With that, Bungie will have a day one patch to version 1.0.1 and just released ….  Read More

How to Find Destiny Ghost and Golden Chest

Destiny is coming to us now, we want every piece of Grimoire and loot that we can get our hands on. With each region in Destiny, there are hidden objectives in dead Ghosts and Golden Chests. Finding dead Ghosts will earn you a new piece of the story to unlock the intimate details of the ….  Read More

9 Fun Things to Explore Destiny Solar System

9. 6-player strategy action Raids are likely to be one of the most-played modes in Destiny, and that’s largely due to their open-endedness and difficulty. Raids often require advanced abilities and gear to complete, and demand well-oiled teamwork between six players to be carried out successfully.

Comprehensive understanding of the Destiny Glimmer

There are a lot of this type of games necessitate common sense, skillfulness and a hard information of every individual game. A lot of MMORPG services suggest a characteristic called ‘ Power leveling,’ which is essentially the alternative to go forward to higher stages of a game through having accomplished gamers or the examiner itself ….  Read More

Destiny Guide: How to find all of the Gold Chests on Earth

Source from: Aside from the dead Ghosts that you can find scattered throughout the world of Destiny, the game also contains many different kinds of loot chests that appear all over the environments you can travel to. Some loot chests take on different appearances, contain better items, and are randomly hidden in difficult-to-reach locations. They’re ….  Read More