Month: December 2014

‘The Dark Below’ Downloadable Content For ‘Destiny’

“The Dark Below” is the first downloadable expansion for “Destiny.” Story-wise, the game introduces Eris Morn, a mysterious woman focused on preventing the Hive Lord Crota from taking over Earth. Unfortunately, like the main game, we’re not treated to much more than that. There are a handful of new story missions that lead up to ….  Read More

Destiny Servers Are Not Available Right Now On PS4

Are you able to access PSN, but still receiving the Destiny servers are not available error? We would love to hear from our readers along with the platform they are using, so leave comments below. The Destiny servers are not available right now on PS4, as reported by users with some still being able to ….  Read More

Extending Bungie Vendors Over The Weekend In The Face Of Destiny Network Problem

Xûr, as previously documented, shows up in Destiny‘s Tower Friday through Saturday to give players a chance to trade the Strange Coins they have collected while adventuring for exotic gear. Since his inventory changes every week, the though of missing him due to PlayStation Network downtime had some players fretting. Destiny players worried the ongoing ….  Read More

Destiny 2: New Weapons, Items, With Same Set Of Characters?

When it comes to gameplay on the future title, Bungie Community Manager David Dague already dropped some hints. “For Destiny 2, the idea is that the Guardian that you have created is something you can bring along with you on that adventure,” Dague disclose via IGN. “If you take a look at the way people ….  Read More

Destiny Christmas Gifts Delayed – Arriving in January

Before Bungie logged out for the Holidays – and shortly logging back in thanks to Lizard Squad DDOSing Xbox Live and PSN on Christmas Day – it promised to deliver some presents to Destiny players in celebration. Destiny power leveling  is also prepared for you a gift.   The problem is that nothing really showed ….  Read More

Destiny Upgrade Guide!

Phase 1: Levels 1-8 The first few levels of Destiny progress fairly quickly, and difficulty scales well alongside the Story Missions. Sample new modes and areas as they open up. Try Patrols on Earth as they become available, take part in Crucible match modes, and replay a couple of Missions with friends to build skill ….  Read More

Destiny Wished Players On December 26 to 28th Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming, In advance I wish you all a Merry Christmas. But we are still expecting Xur to turn up in a new spot in the tower this week. Destiny’s Xur location on December 26 is going to have a Christmas theme and we are wondering if Bungie has any special plans in store ….  Read More

Destiny Claws of Ahamkara Stats

You may not realize, but the Destiny Nightfall Strike rewards for Dark Below players can actually turn up these Claws of Ahamkara if you are lucky enough. As a result, you may want to save those 13 strange coins for something more luxurious from Xur later down the line – like the Icebreaker or Gjallarhorn. ….  Read More

PlayStation 4 with ‘Destiny’ for $349 at Best Buy

If, for some reason, you’re still buying people Christmas presents, and have money burning a hole in your pocket, boy does Best Buy have a deal for you. Also, if you want to save the cost of upgrades, will provide Cheap Destiny Power Leveling, also have discounts at Christmas. If you’re looking for a ….  Read More