Month: March 2015

New Queen’s Wrath Bounties From Destiny

The baking of Queen’s Wrath was likely drawn out further as resources were split between updating Destiny and getting The Dark Below expansion ready for release. However, it appears that it could return with The House of Wolves based on these bounties discovered in DestinyDB by a sharp-eyed Redditor. The first Queen’s Wrath PVE event ….  Read More

Senior gameplay left Bungie to join Fallout and Elder Scrolls studio

Destiny senior gameplay designer Josh Hamrick has left Bungie to join Fallout and Elder Scrolls developer Bethesda. He announced the news on Twitter, expressing gratitude to Bungie, and wishing the developer all the best as it continues to work on Destiny going forward without him. Hamrick did not announce his exact title at Bethesda, nor ….  Read More

Destiny Will Support PS4’s Suspend/Resume Feature After Patch 1.1.2

Yesterday, Sony released PlayStation 4 firmware 2.50, which added the long pending “Suspend/Resume” feature. This feature will be supported nearly all PlayStation 4 gamers, however PlayStation 4 owners will need to turned it ON manually as it is not Turned ON By Default In Firmware 2.50, and requires PS4 owners to select “Keep Application Suspended” ….  Read More

Destiny: Designer Leaving Bungie for Bethesda

  He’s leaving Bungie to join Bethesda Game Studios. “Next Friday, after nearly 6 amazing years and w/ REACH & Destiny on the shelf, I say goodbye to my Bungie family. A new adventure awaits!” he wrote. Before joining Bungie, Hamrick worked at Midway Austin. Thanking fans and his Bungie family, Hamrick said that he ….  Read More

Vault Expansion Was Limited From Destiny

Sci-fi shooter Destiny will be getting the House of Wolves downloadable content pack soon, and Bungie has revealed more information on the patch players will be getting prior to its release. Detailed on the official Bungie site, the update makes a few tweaks to the game, including increasing players’ in-game vault space.   Update 1.1.2 ….  Read More

“The Results are So Much Better” With Pre-Made Teams From Destiny

While Bungie did change some things around for the Heroic Strikes, Raids still require parties to be created outside of Destiny, and it looks like Bungie is finally attempting to explain why. In an interview with VG24/7, Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague explained, in a nutshell, that matchmaking simply cannot compare to pre-made teams, and ….  Read More

FIFA 15 Share Nightfall And Weekly Heroic Strike Reset

Bungie has once again reset the “Destiny” servers to provide gamers a fresh challenge for the week. The latest Nightfall and Weekly Heroic Strike is The Summoning Pits, which takes place on the Moon and sees gamers going up against Hive Ogre; Phogoth the Untamed. The Nightfall changes things up a bit from last week ….  Read More

Destiny Share Stats Remind Us Just How Casual Playerbase

Just how tiny? Now we have some idea, thanks to a clever fan who decided to show us just how top-tier many of our problems with the game really are. Redditor btg7471 decided to hunt through his PS4 Destiny trophies and looked at the overall stats on a few of them. The result shows us ….  Read More

Spent 1200 Hours In The Game From Destiny

Destiny has only been on the market since September, but one hyper-dedicated player has managed to sink more than 1200 hours into the game. A Reddit user named comphermc posted a screenshot of his inventory, and, surprisingly, 1200 hours isn’t enough time to collect every item that Destiny has to offer. Though, the faction ships/shaders ….  Read More

Destiny Share Bungie fights back against data miner

Destiny’s success is based on a simple premise: keep people playing. The gameplay is good, the story is…not so much, but where Bungie Inc’s sci-fi shooter really excels is dangling the carrot of better gear in front of players’ noses in a manner similar to what MMO fans have called “the gear treadmill.” While some ….  Read More