Month: April 2015

Destiny Share Bungie Accidentally Nerfs Black Hammer And Fix Incoming

 Gamers don’t need to go far to know that Destiny is among the most divisive games around; the title’s struggles are well documented. Moreover, no matter what Bungie tries to fix with their new game, it’s often the case that they end up turning yet another gamer off in the process. Such was the case ….  Read More

New Crucible Maps/Trials of Osiris and Elimination Mode from Destiny

Last week, Bungie revealed details about The Reef, Destiny power leveling new social space in the upcoming House of Wolves expansion. As part of this week’s continuation of coverage, the developer discussed additions coming to Destiny’s PvP during a livestream presentation today. GameSpot went hands-on with the content last week and here’s the full rundown ….  Read More

Destiny: The weekly reset challenges you to silence a horrible

Are you new to Destiny? Don’t know what any of this means? Good news! There’s a Destiny power leveling that’s packed with information. Click on through for details on what Strikes are, and how Nightfall differs from Weekly Heroic challenges. For the second week in a row, Destiny fans enjoy the full rainbow burn for ….  Read More

Destiny Share New Weapons Upgrade Mechanics and Social Space Revealed

“Destiny” game developer, Bungie, has revealed more details about its upcoming DLC “House of Wolves.” The upcoming DLC pack promises something that will “change the way the game is played” according to a report in Tech Times. The report says that the coming expansion back is supposedly “built around players who have already conquered the ….  Read More

Destiny: New stores opening at USA

Syracuse, N.Y. — Lots of tenants are shifting spots at Destiny USA and a few new stores are set to open. Here’s an update: On the new tenant front, work is coming along on Nordstrom Rack. Rack, Nordstrom’s off-price unit, is set to take up a huge chunk of space on the first level of ….  Read More

The House of Wolves DLC To Possibly Have New Modifiers From Destiny

Enraged Cinema is a Twitch streamer that recently made a trip out to Bungie to get his hands on the upcoming House of Wolves for Destiny power leveling. During his hands on session he found out some interesting new information about the game. He said that the House of Wolves DLC expansion that will be ….  Read More

Iron Banner Returning On April 28th With Destiny

Destiny’s Iron Banner event is much loved by the game’s community which is why it’s not surprising to see it return after a brief time out. It has been confirmed today when this PvP event returns next. Fortunately Destiny fans don’t have to wait for too long because they will be able to take part ….  Read More

Destiny Share The weekend vendor and pick up a sweet scout rifle

 Every Friday is a holiday when you’re a Destiny fan. That’s when Xur, Agent of the Nine, appears in a random part of the game’s Tower social hub to peddle his rare weapons and armor. As long as you have enough Strange Coins, a rare currency that can be earned by completing Weekly Heroic Strikes, ….  Read More

Destiny: Iron Banner Returns Next Week, New Gear Rewards Revealed

Destiny’s limited time PvP Iron Banner event will return this coming Tuesday, April 28, developer Bungie has announced as part of the latest Bungie Weekly Update The event kicks off that day at 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 6 PM UK. Bungie explained that it previously expected the Iron Banner to return ….  Read More

Update Will Remove Vanguard From Destiny

More specifically, the developer took the game’s complex (some would even call it convoluted) currency and consumable selection and made it even more so.  And although it’s true that the House of Wolves DLC will add new upgrade materials, consumables, and currencies into the mix, it will also render a few others obsolete. More specifically, ….  Read More