Month: April 2018

Best PoE Guide For You To Earn Some Economy

In Path of Exile, if you want to earn some economy, there are different strategies, the following are some tips according to my experience, or you can choose to buy poe currency cheap, it is a quick way. 1. Flipping Currency (not my fave, too much math and trading, not enough playing the game) 2. ….  Read More

Path of Exile 3.2 Bestiary Righteous Fire Elementalist Best Builds

I want to share a build I’ve playing in Hardcore Bestiary and submit my entry to Build of the Week. This is a Righteous Fire Elementalist which uses the Elementalist’s golem buffs for their defensive and offensive utility. I also use Beacon of Ruin combined Shield Charge to shock enemies which explode due to Inpulsa’s ….  Read More

PoE: Can GGG Let Skill Revamps Part 3 Be About Movement Skills?

In Path of Exile, movement skills have been a topic for quite some time now and I’m really hoping we will finally see some changes to help bring them in line with one another. The following are my suggestions. 1. Staffs/Wands need some love. Lightning warp requiring a 4 link just to feel decent kinda ….  Read More

Square Enix Shows Final Fantasy XIV GO

Players of the acclaimed Final Fantasy XIV Online will soon be able to enjoy a new challenge thanks to the Final Fantasy XIV Online GO app, announced last week. GO is short for Gathering Outdoors, an app that literally adds a new dimension to the Final Fantasy XIV Online experience, allowing players to come out ….  Read More

What Content Has Been Adjusted In PoE Patch 3.2.2b Notes?

In Path of Exile, GGG have announced the patch 3.2.2 notes, including two new Unique Items, one new Fated Item, 3D art for the Farrul’s Armour Set from the Bestiary League and many bug fixes. Next, u4gm will show you the specific content. Added 2 new Unique items. Added 1 Fated Unique item. Added 3D ….  Read More

Madden 19 Coins Empower Your Gaming Prowess To The Fullest

We are inching closer to the upcoming updates of Madden NFL in 2018. At Madden NFL, all we’re interested is to Madden Coins empower your gaming prowess to the fullest. You can unlock as many levels of Madden NFL as you would wish to. This in return opens up your world of Madden NFL video ….  Read More