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Albion Online: Is The Game Worth Playing?

Players will be able to master the entire world in Albion Online, in particular, players can occupy land, create furniture as well as buildings, loot other people, conduct PvP or create their own multiplayer classes. In addition to the customization options, the sandbox games claims that the MMO will not have a “pay-to-win” affair, who ….  Read More

Albion Online Tips On Choosing Suitable Class

In Albion Online, there are some classes that more suitable for some specific modes. In this game, your class depends on what you are wearing. And yes, there are healers and tanks because there are some weapons focused on tanking (with some taunt skills for example) and some staffs that have healing abilities! The holy ….  Read More

Albion Online Is A Cluster Game Players Enjoying

If you are seeking a new MMORPG to play in 2017, I’ll recommend Albion Online, a sandbox MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive, set in the medieval fantasy world of Albion. Whether playing a hardened fighter, a farmer, a merchant or a master craftsman, in the player-driven world every single weapon and every single building is created ….  Read More

The Final Major Update Of Albion Online Is Coming: Hector

Gamers are keeping a closer on the further development of Albion Online, as know, Albion Online is the cross-platform sandbox MMORPG gameplay, it’s safe to say that a very complex as well as deep game. If you are not familiar with Albion Online, don’t worry, here is official website: Albion Online will bring a ….  Read More

Latest Information You Should Know To Prepare For Albion Online

Are you sitting before your computer to wait the coming of Albion Online? There are some new changes in Albion Online you should know before you engage the game. If you want to have a good start in Albion Online, you should ensure you can get enough Albion Online gold as fast as possible. You ….  Read More

Albion Online: What Is Coming In The Final Beta

Albion Online, the game have been made some necessary improvements, aiming to deliver a long lasting MMORPG to its fans, Sandbox will perform some improvements to the game’s PvE, PvP, economy, progression, and world. At present, the developer team will do its best to release the game as soon as possible. Some gamers are curious ….  Read More

Hector Come With New Map Of Hellgate In Albion Online

On Albion Online, you have the classic PVP and balanced, the PVE very present and all the mechanics that revolves around the trade. As we see in the course of the articles, Albion is a very complete and very well finished game, which returns to convince those who swore by the ancient World of Warcraft. ….  Read More

UPAlbion Spare No Effort To Provide Albion Online Gold At Low Price

If you are searching for a reliable place to buy cheap Albion Online gold, UPAlbion can be your best choice without doubt. We spare no effort to provide Albion Online gold at lower price as well as offer you fast delivery and best service. There are some advantages when you buy Albion Online gold on ….  Read More

Why Should Choose Buy Albion Online Gold At U4GM

Albion online gold is extremely precious, at the same time, all gamers are expecting to obtain more cheap gold. They always strive to spend more time on buying cheap albion online gold, actually, what’s more, a trustworthy and reliable gold supplier is required. U4GM can help gamers to avoid of wasting necessary time and money, ….  Read More

UPAlbion Provides Huge Stock Of Albion Online Currency For All Players

Albion Online is an ambitious sandbox MMO set in medieval times. The game is being developed by the German design studio Sandbox Interactive. Albion Online is currently in final beta – with a full release planned for Spring 2016. UPAlbion provides huge stock of Albion Online Gold and Silver with 5% discount for all players. ….  Read More