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Destiny Share Release date set for fall 2015 or early 2016?

Bungie confirmed back in November, as cited by Cinema Blend, that they were already producing the next game in the “Destiny” franchise. Many fans have speculated that the company was referring to “Destiny 2” and not a spin-off title or a DLC. According to the website, Bungie is moving with a 10-year plan for “Destiny.” ….  Read More

‘Destiny’ – Megamanexe4 has hinted at Xur’s items

Renowned “Destiny” player, Megamanexe4 has correctly predicted “Xur: Agent of the Nine” exotic items well ahead of its official announcement for past so many weeks. Megamanexe4 exposed Bungie, who claimed that development team has no control over “Xur: Agent of the Nine” items, and it is spawned at random. Gamepur noted that last week was ….  Read More

Destiny Share You Need To Know About Xur Stock

Over the last couple of months, Reddit user Megamanexe4 has managed to data-mine Destiny and successfully leak Xur’s stock over a number of weeks. This prediction fell flat a couple of times when Bungie changed Xur’s stock at the very last minute, right before he was due to arrive in the Tower. ‘How does this ….  Read More

Destiny: The most amazing screenshot you’ll ever see

  In spite of all that Bungie promised for Destiny power leveling before launch, of how much the game encourages grinding, and of how the story is presented, I personally maintain that it’s a great game. Sure, there are plenty of things to improve on, but Bungie sure got a lot right – case in ….  Read More

Destiny: Bungie Teases Next Update Before House of Wolves DLC

The recent 1.1.1 update might still be fresh in Destiny power leveling minds, but Bungie is already moving on. They know that there are still areas that their successful shooter can improve and are actively working on ways to achieve those goals. In today’s Weekly Bungie Update, the developer wanted Destiny players to know that ….  Read More

‘Destiny’ Weapons’ Powers And Damage

The latest patch to come to “Destiny” brings a lot of changes and modifications to how gameplay and weapons work. And to ensure that fans are clear on where the developers now stand when it comes to what fans can expect next, they set to answer some questions regarding the patch. For the most part, ….  Read More

Destiny: Window Revealed, As Bungie Teases Fall Announcement

Second expansion to launch before end of June, while Bungie also teases a Destiny power leveling announcement for this fall. House of Wolves, the second major expansion for Bungie’s shooter Destiny, will launch sometime in the second quarter of 2015. That means it will be released within the April-June timeframe. Bungie confirmed the new release ….  Read More

Making a Special and Beautiful Destiny Character

Original Link: When you start destiny chose blue skin looks so attractive soft pink hair, but your equipment? Of course, you’re going to statistics on fashion (most likely), but that does not mean you have to be limited to your aesthetic choice. My armor is wonderful, but it does not have those roses and pink ….  Read More