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Iron Banner Returning On April 28th With Destiny

Destiny’s Iron Banner event is much loved by the game’s community which is why it’s not surprising to see it return after a brief time out. It has been confirmed today when this PvP event returns next. Fortunately Destiny fans don’t have to wait for too long because they will be able to take part ….  Read More

Destiny Share Two Social Spaces Unearthed By Data Miners

Destiny data miners have dug their way into Update 1.1.2 and unearthed plans for two new social spaces. This information became available thanks to Reddit user ShdwFlm. It was already covered previously on IGN that the new expansion, House of Wolves, would have a new social space in the Reef. That social space now has ….  Read More

New Patch Offers New Feature That Could Help Prevent Accidental Item Deletion

Bungie announced earlier this week that the studio has already “completed” their work on the next update for their hit first-person shooter video game, “Destiny.” As indicated in the official Bungie blog post update, Patch 1.1.2 will see the new feature that could help prevent accidental item deletion. Meanwhile, there’s also the improvement of weapons ….  Read More

Will Bungie keep fans until House of Wolves From Destiny

The House of Wolves was originally set to hit download markets in March, but was postponed by Bungie and has yet to be given a set release date. An arrival window has been set between April 1 and June 30, which could mean the release could be set for this month. However, Other leaks in ….  Read More

‘Destiny’ – Nightfall and Heroic Strike Revealed: Punch Sekrion

Sekrion is your main target but as is the case with Nightfall missions, several modifiers are in effect. These include Angry (enemies don’t flinch), Epic (heavily shielded and plentiful enemies), Juggler (no ammo for your currently equipped weapon), Void Burn (void damage is greatly increased and this works for both you and your enemies) and ….  Read More

Destiny: New PVP Battleground Inferno Clash Hits This Week

Detailed on the Bungie blog, Inferno Clash will contain a few characteristics that were present in Inferno Control mode but has a heavier emphasis on scoring kills. These include the removal of the radar on the HUD, placing only one set of heavy ammo crates per match, and simplified scoring. For the latter, Bungie has ….  Read More

“The Results are So Much Better” With Pre-Made Teams From Destiny

While Bungie did change some things around for the Heroic Strikes, Raids still require parties to be created outside of Destiny, and it looks like Bungie is finally attempting to explain why. In an interview with VG24/7, Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague explained, in a nutshell, that matchmaking simply cannot compare to pre-made teams, and ….  Read More

Spent 1200 Hours In The Game From Destiny

Destiny has only been on the market since September, but one hyper-dedicated player has managed to sink more than 1200 hours into the game. A Reddit user named comphermc posted a screenshot of his inventory, and, surprisingly, 1200 hours isn’t enough time to collect every item that Destiny has to offer. Though, the faction ships/shaders ….  Read More

Destiny Share Bungie fights back against data miner

Destiny’s success is based on a simple premise: keep people playing. The gameplay is good, the story is…not so much, but where Bungie Inc’s sci-fi shooter really excels is dangling the carrot of better gear in front of players’ noses in a manner similar to what MMO fans have called “the gear treadmill.” While some ….  Read More

Destiny Share You Need To Know About Xur Stock

Over the last couple of months, Reddit user Megamanexe4 has managed to data-mine Destiny and successfully leak Xur’s stock over a number of weeks. This prediction fell flat a couple of times when Bungie changed Xur’s stock at the very last minute, right before he was due to arrive in the Tower. ‘How does this ….  Read More