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Halloween Skins Come to Fortnite Item Shop

Halloween is coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale. You could have currently seen the Dark Bomber Outfit, a excellent, twisted version from the classic Brite Bomber. Meanwhile, without the cheap fortnite items, Halloween decorations happen to be springing up all more than the map, and that is on leading of a brand new Haunted Castle. Finally, ….  Read More

Fortnite Battle Stars Places Guide

Fortnite Road Trip Challenges are here and they involve you locating Battle Stars. They are out there in many unique areas and obtaining them in your own will likely be an incredibly heavy time investment. You usually do not have to do that due to the fact this Fortnite Battle Stars Places Guide is right ….  Read More

How to Level Up Fast in Fortnite

Like in other games, leveling starts pretty quick and then slows down, and later levels will take a whole lot of XP to hit. This is why, U4GM Ping today, has gathered for you a brief guide to quickly take you through the leveling of Fortnite. So, here we go; Complete your challenges – Fortnite ….  Read More