Classic and Beautiful Destiny Venus Shots

Destiny2This is one of the first sights to greet you on Venus. A darkened sky into which the distant volcano spews blue…stuff.

Destiny3It isn’t exactly Route 66 but a road is still a road. Can’t expect everything to be paved over on a terraformed Venus. Also worth noting is the Venus statue.

Destiny4Venus isn’t all shiny forests and ash storms; there’s more than a fair share of indoor locations. This section beneath the foundations of one such building is a fine example.

Destiny5Impressive as it may be, I don’t think the retail value of that building is going to be particularly wonderful with all that foliage growing out of it. Looks like a sandwich left outside for a month.

Destiny6Low-angled sunlight can cause blindness. Except in Destiny, where it caused copious amounts of hand-biting wonder.

Destiny8Did someone say PURPLE? That’s actually a turret which causes scary amounts of dying.

Destiny9Apparently in the future, gravity was bought by the Coca Cola Company and this building owner didn’t pay the fee.

Destiny10  I’ve heard of cubism, but come on!

Destiny12This is a Fallen ship behind a Fallen ship. It’s not just for a show, you can go inside.

Destiny13Chevron 5 locked…