Nightfall Features Triple Burn And Returns to Winter’s Run From Destiny

Daylight savings time or not, Bungie’s Destiny has seen its latest weekly refresh. This means another chance to run the raids this week along with new Weekly Heroic and Nightfall Strikes. As revealed by Reddit data-miner and leaker megamanexe4, this week sees players return to Winter’s Run on Venus to battle the Archon Priest.

There’s plenty of reason to celebrate though as Triple Burn is active. This means of the five modifiers for the Nightfall Strike, three consist of Void Burn, Arc Burn and Solar Burn so unless you’re rocking a Shingen-C, every single elemental weapon will deal greatly increased damage (just be warned that this works the other way around as well).

Other modifiers include Epic with heavily shielded enemies appearing in greater numbers and Nightfall which returns your team to orbit if everyone dies in a Darkness Zone.

The Weekly Heroic Strikes only have Heroic and Void Burn active so they’ll be relatively easier. You won’t get Exotics that way though. What are your thoughts on this week’s Nightfall and Heroic? Let us know in the comments.