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The Final Major Update Of Albion Online Is Coming: Hector

Gamers are keeping a closer on the further development of Albion Online, as know, Albion Online is the cross-platform sandbox MMORPG gameplay, it’s safe to say that a very complex as well as deep game. If you are not familiar with Albion Online, don’t worry, here is official website:


Albion Online will bring a PvE and PvP medieval fantasy world with a player-driven economy—where all equipment items are player-crafted—along with a unique classless system and much more. Before the official launch of Albion Online, the final major update is coming, Hector. This update contains improvements for the Outlands, the lawless territories in Sandbox’s MMORPG.

The game is set for launch on PC in July. Owing to the last big update soon to be release, and the update will improve the Outlands, the lawless territories of the Albion world. Since the harbors and cities in the Outlands will be removed with the upcoming “Hector” update, as will the banks and market places there, Sandbox Interactive advises players to collect their items stored in those banks and market places and bring them somewhere safe.

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Latest Information You Should Know To Prepare For Albion Online

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Play The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Earlier On May 22nd


If you want to play The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, you can do it earlier.

The expansion for the MMO will be available on June 6 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and can be pre-ordered as a Standard Edition or Collector’s Edition.

PC and Mac players who buy a “Digital Upgrade version or physical PC/Mac ESO: Morrowind Collector’s Edition” may already begin on May 22nd.


“Independent of the beta on the public test servers, Early Access players get the full game experience, can play on the active servers, and keep track of all progress when the game is officially released on June 6. Early access is available to players using the Digital Upgrade or Digital Collector’s Edition Upgrade versions of ESO: Morrowind for PC / Mac at some point before the official release of the game,” it says.

Players with a physical PC/Mac ESO: Morrowind Collector’s Edition must contact ESO Support Portal for the purpose of releasing this link.

The Prologue quest “The Missing Prophecy” is now available.

You can accept them in any Inn, and you will be sent to a mission where you will be able to track down the bandits, defeat Daedra, and discover a terrible prophecy.

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Albion Online: What Is Coming In The Final Beta

Albion Online, the game have been made some necessary improvements, aiming to deliver a long lasting MMORPG to its fans, Sandbox will perform some improvements to the game’s PvE, PvP, economy, progression, and world. At present, the developer team will do its best to release the game as soon as possible.


Some gamers are curious about the final beta of Albion Online, what will be bring for the final beta? Based on some gamer’s questions, we will reply to you at the first time, needless to say, if you have further questions, which are need to addressed, welcome to contact with us at any time. Official website:

What’s Coming In The Final Beta
Reworked Destiny Board
Reworked Guild VS Guild Battles
New Reputation and Crime System
Biomes: Swamps, Steppes and Mountains
New World: Royal Continents and The Outlands
New Powerful Artifact Weapons, Off-Hands and Armor Sets
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Due to Galahad was launched, not only will the PvE system be overhauled completely to give players an even more exciting experience while battling in the world of Albion. For the update content, including 6 new biome cities, mountain city, forest city, swamp city, central city, steppe city and highland city. How to buy cheap albion online gold, and you have the option of seeking out a reliable supplier like U4GM.

ESO Preview Video Commemorating The 15th Anniversary Of Morrowind

Bethesda Softworks has released a video commemorating The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind as a preview of the expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. After fifteen years of RPG release, fans longed for another epic saga of The Elder Scrolls and the opportunity to revisit their favorite Morrowind scenarios. TESO: Morrowind offers new adventures and stories set 700 years before the events that took place in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. You can see the video below.

From you will depend on the way you explore Vvardenfell and the kind of hero you become. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind continues to be characterized by the freedom of choice that has become the legacy of all The Elder Scrolls games, from TESIII: Morrowind to TESV: Skyrim. Play as you want, in the role of whoever you want and who you want.

Play alone and become the great savior of Morrowind or join friends to form a powerful group and complete missions in places known as the Ashlands, Tel Mora or Bitter Coast. Create a Warden, the new player class, to start over your adventure of The Elder Scrolls and release a devastating magic based on nature, or bring your veteran character from other lands and continue your journey through Tamriel.

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Hector Come With New Map Of Hellgate In Albion Online

On Albion Online, you have the classic PVP and balanced, the PVE very present and all the mechanics that revolves around the trade. As we see in the course of the articles, Albion is a very complete and very well finished game, which returns to convince those who swore by the ancient World of Warcraft. But what makes Albion unique for players having paced a lot of MMORPGs is undoubtedly his unique system of Hellgates.

A Hellgates is a demonic gate that opens up on a map and through which you can swoop if you feel like it to participate in a skillfully combining PVE and PVP.


Until now, the Hellgates were a bit of a beast of players who did not necessarily appreciate the PVP, because these portals were all linked and made one. For example, when a portal opens in Dark Zone, a Yellow Zone, and a Red Zone, the players in these maps, if they enter the portal, find themselves face to face. Needless to say that at this level it is a bit of butchery and that for a poor player who starts in PVP it is clearly the cold shower.

Interactive Sandbox, anxious to bring a unique experience adapted to all, offers to completely review the Hellgates starting with the internal Map.


On this map, this plan of the Hellgates, it is clear that one of the problems has been solved, that of the campers and the fugitives. Because you have to know that in Albion, as in many MMOs, there are ruthless people who have fun attracting mobs, generating aggro, leaving them, and finally killing you while you are busy with your mobs. Fair play level you can still do better. This new map aims to correct certain points. Already each team will arrive in one of the angles, which excludes from entering one of the outings, as it will be random.

The minibosses will also be present and relatively easy to kill. They will let loose a lot of loot and will unlock the final boss, because as said above, a Hellgates is a mix of PVP and PVE. Once the boss is defeated, a portal will appear and you can leave the Hellgates quietly.

But Sandbox did not limit itself to changing the interior of the Hellgates, they were also balancing them and what a great idea to propose to cut them by level.


As said above, initially it was a little brothel in the Hellgates, you could meet teams from all horizons, including the most dangerous (Dark Zone). Also to rebalance a little the deal, Sandbox decided to cut them by three-step. From Hector’s exit, you will be able to access Ashen, Ignited and Infernal Hellgates. Three levels of difficulty therefore, depending on the areas where these Hellgates are.

Ashen Hellgate

  • Teams: Two teams of two players each.
  • Entrance: Green zones.
  • Death Penalty: Knockdown and teleport out of the Hellgate.
  • Hostile counter: On.
  • Mobs: Trash mobs, minibosses and a chest in the center.
  • Mob Tier: Tier 4.
  • Loot: Low amount of Souls and Runes.
  • Fame value: x1.5 (slightly higher than yellow zones).
  • Power cap: Soft cap at 700 Item Power.

Ignited Hellgate

  • Teams: Two teams of five players each.
  • Entrance: Yellow zones.
  • Death Penalty: Knockdown and teleport out of the Hellgate.
  • Hostile Counter: On.
  • Mobs: Trash mobs, minibosses and main boss in the center.
  • Mob Tier: Tier 5.
  • Loot: Low amount of Souls and Runes. Chest have a chance to drop level one (soul) artifacts.
  • Fame value: x1.5 (slightly higher than yellow zones).
  • Power cap: Soft cap at 800 Item Power.

Infernal Hellgate

  • Teams: Two teams of five players each.
  • Entrance: Red or black zones.
  • Death Penalty: Death and full loot.
  • Hostile Counter: Off.
  • Mobs: Trash mobs, minibosses and main boss in the center.
  • Mob Tier: Tier 5.
  • Loot: Artifacts, Souls and Runes.
  • Fame value: x2.5 (same as in red zones).
  • Power cap: No.

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