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Madden NFL 18 is the newest title of EA’s football game series. It was released on August worldwide. Just like in the previous games of the title this game featured Franchise, Longshot, MUT Squads, Target Passing and Play Now Live.

The “Madden 18″ official feature include shape your players and write their own narrative. Players can also build their dream Ultimate Team, take control of the league, or prove that they are best of the best by competing against players from around the globe.


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Let’s Now Look At Some Of NBA 2K18′s Modes Noticeable Changes

As a popular basketball simulation video gameplay, NBA 2K18 is still a must-buy. NBA 2K18 has four different avenues to simulated hardwood action: Play Now, MyPlayer, MyGM/MyLeague and MyTeam. Ranging from a subtle change to a massive makeover, each game mode was updated for the new season. Let’s now look at some of those noticeable changes.

NBA 2K18

2K’s popular card collecting mode returns with even more microtransactions than before. Of all the game modes, this occupies the least amount of my time. NBA 2K18 is loaded with plenty of options to customize your playing experience without forking over handfuls of virtual currency such as NBA 2K18 MT.

This isn’t 2K’s most ambitious attempt at creating a believable backstory, but it might be the most customizable individual experience yet. Once you have the basics out of the way, you begin your journey. Once you work through a few tryouts with your new team, you are unleashed into an open world with hundreds of other created players.

MyGM / MyLeague
Like the Play Now mode, 2K didn’t mess with a good thing here. You’ll notice a slight change when you come to your first offseason, as NBA 2K18 now includes the free agent moratorium. The offseason still features a robust NBA Draft simulation, which includes an array of incredibly detailed draft classes created by 2K’s impressive community of players.

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Madden NFL 18 G.O.A.T. Edition Test On PS4


Also this year EA Sports is launching a new offshoot of the Madden series on the market. In addition to FIFA, NHL and NBA, Madden has now become an integral part of the annual sports games. American football is also becoming more and more popular in Germany, as it is no wonder that the offshoot on the PlayStation is well received. Although king football continues to govern our country, Madden is becoming more and more a prince. Whether it is worth the virtual egg itself to fly or you can limit your annual football dose to the Superbowl, you will be in our test.


Let’s Go

American football is not only a sport but also an impressive show. Anyone who has seen this year’s Superbowl will know what I mean. Through this, Tom Brady, the quarterback of the New England Patriots, became without a doubt the G.O.A.T. (= Greatest of All Time). Since it is not really surprising that this year the cover of Madden NFL 18 is decorated. As soon as you start the game you are also directly confronted with it. Personally, I am not necessarily the biggest Patriots fan, but the design I find quite successful.

Then ask the game for your previous Madden experience and your favorite game style. So, for example, if you play action-packed, or rather, the tactical aspect of American football. If you have these presets done it goes directly with a match. You play the Superbowl LI with the Atlanta Falcons against the New England Patriots. There can be a different output then the real game. Even before you start the game at all the Patriots same a clamp, I find good.

Everyone who claims that ball games should be aggressive, has never had a sportsimulation of EA in the console. Do not misunderstand, on the other hand, such a game can also provide considerable happiness. The gameplay of Madden NFL 18 is made for both of these. The actual game principle has not changed in comparison to the predecessor. Even if there are several players on the field, you control only one. If your offense is on the pitch, you first direct the quarterback. As soon as you take the football to a team-mate, you will be the one to steer. In Defense, you can choose a player and then steer it.

Which race paths the respective players choose at the beginning of a turn over your Playbook. Then just one button for throwing and one for catching. Really much more complicated the gameplay is not. But if you think that it is an extremely relaxed player experience, has never seen football. You have to think carefully about what moves you choose. The players then run prescribed routes and you have to time the pass exactly. If you throw before the player is free or has reached its optimal position, then you risk losing a ball. However, always keep the quarterback in mind as to whether he or she is in danger of being blown away by the opponent’s defense or not. So a lot of things to look at at the same time. A small mistake and the whole move is in the bucket.


A Long Way To The Top

New in Madden NFL 18 is the game mode “Longshot”. This story mode is about the young quarterback Devon Wade and his best friend Colton Cruise, who is traveling as a wide receiver. Both dream of playing in the NFL and sense their chance through the TV show “Longshot”. Here they are given a former NFL coach and have to work their way up. The mode is similar to “The Journey” from FIFA 17 – if there are readers here who had the other “Football” times in the console.

In Longshot it is less about the tactical aspects of a complete football match. Throughout the entire run, you will not, for example, play a single complete game. When you are on the field, you often find Quick-Time events, or you only play short sections where Devon usually has to lead his team to victory. If you do not have a touchdown within 4 downs, you are almost “Game Over” and the drive starts again. Otherwise there are many dialogues and you have to choose one of several possibilities for answering one or get several minor examples. For some, however, it is very annoying that the language output is completely in English and there are not even subtitles.

Pure power does not offer this game play now, but it is worth it. On the one hand there is the prominent cast: Mahershala Ali as Devin’s father, Billy Corbin as his former coach and Dan Marino (former quarterback of the Miami Dolphins) as himself. I personally also liked the humor very much. The scene as Devin and Colt sitting together in the car and singing a song by Miley Cyrus I still celebrate. After completing the story, Devin Wade continues to play in Ultimate Team Mode. On the positive side, as it goes on at all, on the other hand only there. EA pushes Ultimate Team wherever it goes.

NFL Fantasy On The PlayStation

The Ultimate Mode you get in NFL Madden 18 yes quasi impressed. Feeling of the loading screens indicate this and even at the beginning of the game special windows are displayed.” Join Twitch and get an NFL legend, sign up for the newsletter and get a legend, baptise your first-born Brady and get a legend.” For me personally this is all a bit too much of the good. Yes, I find the Ultimate Team mode really great, no matter what sport of EA, but here you really exaggerate with the hints.


The mode itself is then quite good. You get a very good introduction and enough hints on how to start. In order not to be completely exhausted, certain game modes are only gradually released by reaching certain levels of experience. So if you do everything nicely in turn, you have a halfway sensible squad together, then do not go completely under games against other players. There are several challenges that do not include complete games, but only certain situations. If you are successful, you get coins and even players. In this way, one not only collects experience in different situations, but can also improve his team at the same time. Find me good.

Otherwise, the mode is as in the last few years. With the coins (which you get either for completed games or through the purchase in the PlayStation Store) you can buy players directly in the auction house or bring you packs and hope for a lot of luck. A bit of a pity I find that the focus is very much on the purchase by real money. There are a lot of packs that you can only unlock through points that you have to earn with real money. I would have preferred an “either-or” solution. Ultimate Team makes me a lot of fun, a light-bodied flavor has EA but then unfortunately.

The Road To Minneapolis

My personal favorite mode, however, remains “franchise fashion”. Here you can play the complete season including the pre-season, the playoffs and (at the start of next season) even the draft with your favorite team. When you start a game, you can choose whether you want to make the entire game or just intervene as soon as the action moves to the Red Zone (starting from the 20 yards line in front of the respective end zone). If you are generally not fond of a certain game, it can also be simulated.

The most interesting I find the whole drum around. Once a week you can do a specific training. There, certain game situations can be practiced and additional experience points can be collected for your players. To do this, you can adjust the set up as desired, commit new players and have the contracts of your current in mind. Class I also think that from the 2nd season always a draft takes place, as one knows it from the real NFL. Sure, such a season mode is now absolutely nothing new in a sports game, but he is still fun and is the mode that has me personally most captivated.

Trophies Check

Almost half of the trophies are designed for the Ultimate Team and the Longshot mode. Most of them come automatically, but you have to be careful with some, so that you meet the required conditions. The most difficult ones, however, are the trophies that you have to perform with certain actions during a normal game. Running a specific block or performing a winning field goal at a given time in the game is likely to cost some attempts. Additionally, you can try a reliable online store like Madden-Store where offers cheap mut coins for sale at any time.

NBA 2K18 Player Ratings: Center, Power Forward, Shooting Guard

For 2K Sports, it seems like the leader in the industry when it comes to sports video games. Basically, one of the more interesting elements of an annual release is the player ratings built from the ground up by the developers based on the real-life happenings on the court. Speaking of player ratings, the top names at each position always drum up the most controversy, let’s take a look. NBA 2K18 is an immersive basketball video game, professional website aim to sell cheap NBA 2K18 MT to you.

NBA 2K18

DeMarcus Cousins, 92
Karl-Anthony Towns, 91

Power Forward
Anthony Davis, 94
Draymond Green, 88
Blake Griffin, 87

Shooting Guard
James Harden, 95
Jimmy Butler, 90
Klay Thompson, 90

Point Guard
Russell Westbrook, 94
Stephen Curry, 94
Chris Paul, 94
Kyrie Irving, 90
John Wall, 90

Small Forward
LeBron James, 97
Kevin Durant, 96
Kawhi Leonard, 95
Paul George, 91
Giannis Antetokounmpo, 91

The much-anticipated NBA 2K18 has launched, NBA 2K18 comes with many innovations in core areas. MyGM: The Next Chapter is a new layer of depth to a game mode that extends well after the Finals have run their course. Besides, a new Neighborhood feature acting as an open-world hub for MyCareer, more player ratings analysis, source from here.

FFXIV Stormblood: Players Will Be Able To Swim For The First Time

Final Fantasy has had a significant online presence for over 15 years now. Final Fantasy XIV is fun, with advances in technology, more and more players joined into this game, Yoshida noted that the game’s lack of nudity has meant that more female players have been allowed to play the game. Yoshida stated that other games recorded a greater bias toward male players. And if you want to know more details about FFXIV, please visit website.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV launched an expansion called Stormblood, players will also be able to swim for the first time and will be able to explore two new areas. But, the Stormblood expansion is not limited to bringing minor updates and new aesthetics. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood includes the Heavensward expansion. So, for players who only have the base game, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, there is no need to buy the previous expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV’s newest expansion pack, Stormblood, its first patch has already added on a few new quests at the end of the expansion as well as introduced the first raid for the expansion. It’s also a fun time in an MMO when a new raid is introduced, as it is a learning experience for all tiers of players. Eventually the strategy will be found but for a brief moment, everybody is on equal footing.

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How To Get Coins Fast And Easy In Madden 18 Ultimate Team


For the first time in the history of the franchise, Madden NFL 2018 will use the Frostbite graphics engine, with which such good performance have come from Electronic Arts titles such as FIFA or Star Wars Battlefront. With the new technical architecture, the meetings will increase their dose of realism, realizing the delights of the lovers of this exciting sport.


The Longshot story mode is new to Madden NFL 18. Not only is it pretty enjoyable, but it’s not that long and rewards you with a bunch of decent free cards to get your team going. Also once you get your MUT level a little higher, it will unlock the Chronicles of a Longshot solo challenges that you can also complete for more easy to get coins.

Take advantage of this. Stack your team initially lower-key players and flip the popular ones for more coins. Later on when you’re flush with coins, you can worry about getting your favorites if you really want. Badges are also a good commodity to flip. If you’re not using them yourself, sell them like you would the cards. They usually sell fast, and for a high price too. Working the auction house is being patient. Don’t set below market prices. Be patient, set things a little higher and don’t reach for stuff that is overpriced.

New to Madden NFL 18 this year are Weekend Leagues. This year, if you participate and win one of the weekly Knockout tournaments, you’ll qualify for an over the weekend league where you can play up to 25 games, and depending on how well you do, you’ll be rewarded with potentially a ton of coins.

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FFXIV Patch 4.1 Is Going To Be Titled The Legend Returns

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1 adds shinryu extreme and more, for fans whose have been playing Final Fantasy XIV, now it’s time to buy FFXIV Power Leveling from FFXIV4GIL. We learn that patch 4.1 is going to be titled “The Legend Returns,” and it’s going to be released in early October.

Final Fantasy XIV

Part of Ivalice will be implemented in a way within Final Fantasy XIV, located in Dalmasca, north of Othard, where you can find Rabanastre. It’s basically going to work as a sort of theme park within the game. The team working on it is made by big fans of the game sets in Ivalice, so they’re working very hard to recreate the atmosphere and characters carefully.

Housing will get an update with the availability of plots in Shirogane. People will be able to relocate from their old plots and to swim in housing areas. A pool will be added to the Goblet and a stream to the Lavender Beds. The adventurer squadron feature will be updated, and you’ll be able to bring your squadron in dungeons.

Yoshida-san will actually present the concert, that will not include music from Stormblood. A special music box will be sold for the occasion, alongide a conductor moogle plushie and keychain, a special gift bag and a music CD.

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood is the latest expansion, once you hit max level was much the same as it was in Stormblood as it was in Heavensward. Final Fantasy XIV have always been fairly inactive between patches, and Stormblood didn’t do a huge amount to change that for them. Still looking to know more Final Fantasy XIV news and guides? Read more at here.

NBA 2K18 Released Its First Commentary Trailer

2K comment

With NBA 2K18 already appears the second basketball game for the Nintendo switch. While NBA playgrounds tended to be less of a simulation, the 2K basketball series can go through as an absolute sport simulation. Also important is the audiovisual presentation, which will make you feel more like watching a real TV broadcast.

For this reason, there are also so-called guest commentaries, which shine with their expert knowledge. For example, the five-time NBA champ Kobe Bryant or the good Kevin Garnett. In a new trailer both are presented, this gives you so another insight into the game.

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FFXIV: Players Can Expect A First Look At Patch 4.1 Content

Final Fantasy XIV is a critically acclaimed MMO’s gameplay, now, this game’s Online community is celebrating the MMO’s fourth anniversary. Stormblood is the second expansion for this game, at the same time, is also a successful expansion. To mark this momentous occasion, a special 14-hour live stream will be held by the Final Fantasy XIV online development team, which spans from September 1 to 2.

Final Fantasy XIV

Players can expect a first look at Patch 4.1 content, where Yasumi Matsuno will join Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida to discuss the upcoming 24-player alliance raid, return to lvalice. Matsuno will write the scenario for the raid as a special guest creator, bringing the world of Ivalice to Final Fantasy XIV Online.

In-game celebrations for the four-year anniversary began this past weekend with The Rising seasonal event, featuring fun activities and exciting rewards for players to earn, find more at here. Above mentioned 14-hour live stream, including the 38th installment of the Letter from the Producer Live series, talk sessions with the development team and other special guests, and fun in-game challenges being tackled by the team.

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NHL 18 Will Now Feature A Variety Of New Deke Techniques

In the upcoming NHL 18, players will enjoy faster and better ice action, regarding the option of players, including a pass between the legs, a lightning bullet, or a difficult one-hand clutch as well as a pull-down puller, aiming to better attacks and accurate passes. With the game is coming, we got a chance to go hands on and find more latest news and guides, see more at here.

NHL 18

In recent years the NHL series has made a strong comeback with its fans by testing the waters with new modes, features, and customization options to make it a lot more user-friendly. In the upcoming real NHL season, a new Vegas Golden Khights team will join the ice hockey competition. Virtual players will have the advantage of being able to play in advance in the 31st team.

For more fine tuned gameplay, NHL 18 will now feature a variety of new deke techniques to give you better control of the puck offensively, as well as more fine tuned stick control when on defense to poke the puck loose or sweep your stick to grab it from a distance. NHL 18 is set to offer the most co-op and competitive multiplayer options in an NHL game to date, which fans of the series should be very excited for.

If you decide to add a 32nd team to the League, you can customize their arena, team name, logo, jerseys and mascots. For those who hoped to play through a few year before expanding your league, you are out of luck, you can only add the 32nd team at the beginning of a new franchise mode. EA did a lot of work fine-tuning player picking, potential and player progression. For further reading of NHL 18 News & Guides, keep following on: