Sony’s Exclusive Content Publishing Destiny Behind The Scenes

9. 6-player strategy action

Sony Revealed a new The Dark Below trailer of Destiny at the Playstation Experience 2014, you know that The Dark Below is the upcoming expansion for Bungie’s latest multiplayer installment in the Halo franchise, Destiny. The expansion releases on December 9, 2014, if you want to level up 30 fast before the The Dark Below, just buy destiny power leveling now, and the trailer showcases PS4 exclusives for the expansion including the “Undying Mind” strike and the 4th Horseman Shotgun. The trailer can be viewed here: The trailer can be viewed here:

The Dark Below includes other content for all systems such as:
New story missions
New weapons and armor
Increased level cap and more bounty slots
Three new competitive multiplayer maps
A new cooperative strike
A new raid–Crota’s End
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