Destiny: House of Wolves Info Revealed in Data-Mining Leak

Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC finally has a release date, nearly six months after the game’s last major expansion went live, and a series of weekly dispatches from the folks at Bungie will help count down the final month separating the Destiny community from a new wave of post-launch content. Earlier this week, Activision published…

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How Bungie Goes About Improving The Game Every Week From Destiny


The video game industry moves fast. A game everyone’s talking about today can become a foggy memory in just a matter of weeks. The best chance most games have at success happens right around launch. One game, however, is bucking that trend: Destiny. Built by Halo developer Bungie, Destiny came out in September 2014 to…

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Destiny Class Guide:Detail Analysis of the the Destiny rogue-Hunter

Destiny Hunter

Refer to: The Hunter is a class for nimble kills and skill shots; it requires and favours precision and quick thinking. Hunters are less survivable than Titans and lack the regenerative abilities of Warlocks, but they excel both at a distance in on the frontlines – provided they keep on their toes. It’s the class…

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Destiny Class Guide:Detail Analysis of the Destiny mage-Warlock


- See more at: A good choice for those looking for something a bit different from the space marine paradigm, Warlocks are heavy damage dealers who, while lightly armoured, are tough to kill thanks to various regenerative properties. Still, you’re made of glass, so if you intend to play a Warlock be warned that…

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