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Destiny Share Vault space and Raid fixes

In its weekly blog update about Destiny Patch 1.1.2, Bungie has said that it will be addressing a number of player concerns in the future update, including more Vault space and Raid fixes, to further improve the game. Earlier this week, Bungie had released a hotfix patch to Destiny that was meant only for ….  Read More

We Will Not In The Future Destiny DLC Of The Twice Made A Mistake, Bungie Said

Bungie has heard players’ criticisms about the progression system in Destiny’s first DLC, and said that it won’t repeat the same mistakes again when it releases the next DLC, House of Wolves. “Nothing specific to announce at this time, but the mistakes we made with the DLC1 reward economy will not be repeated,” Bungie design ….  Read More

How to Hit level 31 Without Buying The Dark Below in Destiny

The first thing to note is that everyone playing Destiny can now reach level 31, whether or not you buy The Dark Below. The key is the new legendary (purple) armour being sold around the Tower. Bungie has gotten rid of the old stock held by the Vanguard, Crucible and Faction vendors and replaced it ….  Read More

Sony’s Exclusive Content Publishing Destiny Behind The Scenes

Sony Revealed a new The Dark Below trailer of Destiny at the Playstation Experience 2014, you know that The Dark Below is the upcoming expansion for Bungie‚Äôs latest multiplayer installment in the Halo franchise, Destiny. The expansion releases on December 9, 2014, if you want to level up 30 fast before the The Dark Below, ….  Read More