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‘Destiny’ Weapons’ Powers And Damage

The latest patch to come to “Destiny” brings a lot of changes and modifications to how gameplay and weapons work. And to ensure that fans are clear on where the developers now stand when it comes to what fans can expect next, they set to answer some questions regarding the patch. For the most part, ….  Read More

How to get to level 32 in Destiny

As with the original version of Destiny that shipped in September 2014, the only way to reach the level cap is to obtain Raid gear. (Bungie subsequently altered this so gear pieces delivered via the Iron Banner PVP event would also bring you closer to the cap, and this will likely continue when Iron Banner returns, ….  Read More

How to Hit level 31 Without Buying The Dark Below in Destiny

The first thing to note is that everyone playing Destiny can now reach level 31, whether or not you buy The Dark Below. The key is the new legendary (purple) armour being sold around the Tower. Bungie has gotten rid of the old stock held by the Vanguard, Crucible and Faction vendors and replaced it ….  Read More

Best Builds, Weapons, Materials to Prepare for The Dark Below DLC

Here are a few suggestions as to how you should prepare for what’s to come. Weapons For Destiny: The Dark Below You’ll want to be well-equipped when going into the DLC content, for which you should have some of the best weapons that the vanilla game has to offer. Make sure you’re well-distributed between your ….  Read More

Destiny – The Iron Banner Event Will Return in Mid-December

The bulky Lord Saladin and The Iron Banner event will return to Destiny on December 16th, with some added changes.   With the upcoming The Dark Below expansion bringing the light level cap up to 32, so if you want to level up faster, you can buy destiny power leveling. Saladin will be offering up ….  Read More

What? Destiny’s Latest Weekly Strike Locked Behind DLC?

Destiny’s first expansion, “The Dark Below”, launches today with all kinds of new content players can enjoy. But perhaps you didn’t feel like spending money to get it, or want to focus on the core content for the time being. So instead, you turn your attention to the latest weekly strike to earn some high-level ….  Read More

Level Up Fast in Destiny with Power Leveling Complete Walkthrough

One of the good things about Destiny is that despite your character level, low level enemies always give you the same amount of experience points – which makes them worth killing. While many players like to take their time and level up by completing the story, going through the crucible, completing strike missions, and patrol ….  Read More