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NHL 18 Will Now Feature A Variety Of New Deke Techniques

In the upcoming NHL 18, players will enjoy faster and better ice action, regarding the option of players, including a pass between the legs, a lightning bullet, or a difficult one-hand clutch as well as a pull-down puller, aiming to better attacks and accurate passes. With the game is coming, we got a chance to ….  Read More

NHL 18 Is The Perfect To Create A Compelling Storyline

Now it’s time to lace up the skates, the ice hockey season is coming. NHL 18 will be available on 15th September this year, ice hockey players are getting pretty excited. Consequently, with time push away, more and more information need to know for us, you can directly go to website to know what you ….  Read More

NHL 18: Two Types Of MoneyPucks In NHL THREES Mode

As a brand-new mode in NHL 18, NHL THREES deliver more special FX and completely unique on-ice designs that keep your games fresh and as exciting as the gameplay. This mode is a completely new expansion draft in which you can build your own custom 32nd NHL team, choosing a jersey, mascot and arena. More ….  Read More

Now It’s Time For NHL 18 To Take Over The Market

For most of ice hockey fans whose are fond of playing NHL 18, they emphasized that this game allows them to experience ice hockey firsthand. In the near future, they want more features to be added so that their gaming experience can improve accordingly. Now it’s time for NHL 18 to take over the market ….  Read More

NHL 18: All of New Features And Defensive Skill Stick

In NHL 18, you have entitled to play almost any multiplayer game mode with friends couch co-op style. NHL 18 Features List was revealed, what’s more, including the primary new features that are being pushed right now. Features List: EASHL 3v3 New Dekes Defensive Skill Stick Expansion Draft Mode Arcade-Inspired 3-on-3 Hockey Multiplayer Options (64 ….  Read More