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The Elder Scrolls Online Is Available Now Along With A Lot Of Content

The Elder Scrolls Online will see Update 17 go live today. Update 17 includes some major changes like the new Outfit System which allows players to customize their look regardless of equipped gear. The Elder Scrolls Online takes place in one connected world where you can stay up to date with everything your friends are ….  Read More

ESO: Features of New Dungeons in Horns of the Reach

Now The Horns of the Reach DLC content pack and Update 15 are now available on PC & Mac! ESO Plus members can purchase the new pack in the in-game Crown Store. How about the players for PS4 or Xbox One? Don’t worry it will be released on console on August 29th. There are some ….  Read More

ESO: Morrowind Allows Players To Land On The Island Of Vvardenfell

The player will find here the basics of the TESO experience: his third-person or first-person combat system, the ability to equip any type of weapon with any specialization, his free talent trees And evolving, its active dodges and blockades, its advanced craftsmanship, all refined over the patches to correct certain shortcomings present at the launch ….  Read More

The Elder Scrolls Online: It’s About To Start The Midyear Mayhem Event

The event will last eleven days and is scheduled for all versions of the famous MMORPG. Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Online Studios will host the Midyear Mayhem event, featuring the Elder Scrolls Online (MMORPG), from 16:00 local time on July 20th until the same time on July 31st. With the occasion, adventurers will be able ….  Read More

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morroind – Your Are The Chosen Hero

After 15 years, the gates will open to Morrowind once more, but this time you will not end up alone. Just exactly 15 years ago, Morrowind was launched to PC and Xbox; An ongoing breakthrough adventure that in many ways was unique with its free world all the way in 3D. When it’s time to ….  Read More

The Elder Scrolls Online – DLCs Bring More MMO Content

The Elder Scrolls Online was already a successful MMO, but thanks to the recently released add-on Morrowind, it became even more successful. Over 10 million registered players have been registered so far. For success, there are soon two new DLCs. The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind is on the market just a week ago and has ….  Read More

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Review – A Value Return

Morrowind is a name that makes many gamershart beating faster. According to many, the third part in the Elder Scrolls series is the best in the series and, according to some, even the best game ever made. No wonder, therefore, that the new Elder Scrolls Online expansion Morrowind threw high eyes after it was announced. ….  Read More