The Elder Scrolls Online: Morroind – Your Are The Chosen Hero


After 15 years, the gates will open to Morrowind once more, but this time you will not end up alone.

Just exactly 15 years ago, Morrowind was launched to PC and Xbox; An ongoing breakthrough adventure that in many ways was unique with its free world all the way in 3D. When it’s time to visit the vast island of Vvardenfell again, much is actually alike, even though you are joined by thousands of other players.

If you’re not familiar with The Elder Scrolls Online ever before, it’s an online game played in Bethesda’s magnificent world, Tamriel, where the epic adventures of Oblivion, Skyrim and Morrowind take place. In other words, for fans of Bethesda’s former articles, there are a lot of places, stories and races that have been known in the past. This is particularly true of this expansion that plays on many nostalgic strings.

Something that separates The Elder Scrolls Online from many other online games is that the action gets unusually much space. Almost every small mission has a well-written story behind it and everything is read with empathetic voices. When an assignment chain is completed, the neighborhood is affected in both small and large ways, which leads to the feeling that it is just you who influence and change the world for the better. You are the chosen hero.


That’s why it’s not the search for stronger weapons and equipment, which is the cutest carrot in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is rather the stories and characters that appear during the course of adventure that create the greatest sense of reward. On the other hand, the experience gets a real throat that there are a dozen other chosen heroes next to you and perform the same tasks. There was a problem in the base game and is even more noticeable in the well-populated Morrowind expansion.

The First Step

Whether you start your adventure in Morrowind with a previously created character, or reboot with the newly arrived class warden, the story will begin the same way. A start that reminds a lot of the original game from 2002. After leaving a slave ship, your character lands in the village of Seyda Neen, which is exactly the same place as the original game was launched.

After that you get out on the island of Vvardenfell to stop meteors, save gods with much more. Exactly how to get around the new area is largely up to you, but what awaits you still awaits exciting environments and missions. Heavy mountains are mixed with lush forests and it’s easy to get caught in the exploration just to see what’s on the horizon.

Graphically, Morrowind is far from the best we’ve seen Playstation 4, but considering that it’s a big and vibrant online world, the detail scene in environments and characters is still fully approved. Additionally, it deserves the HDR implementation a plus at the edge.

A New Class

As said, the Morrowind expansion contains a whole new class called the Warden. There is a druid-inspired class that can be as good at making whole, hurting or opposing the kind of enemies depending on focus. Easily switching between three wide-ranging approaches makes it much easier to get together a group of challenging caves and difficult enemies.

One advantage of the wardens is that they start their adventure with equipment that fits the challenges that are expected in Vvardenfell. In other words, to get the new content right away and let the main adventure wait for later, which is a great option for new players who want to jump in the same place as their friends.

One disadvantage of the new class is that it does not feel excessively new. Whichever direction is chosen, the game reminds a lot about the previous classes with the same characteristics – even if it is “three in one”.

Newly Renovated Arenas

In addition to the island of Vvardenfell and the Warden class, the Morrowind expansion also includes a whole new PvP mode, that is, a game mode where players fight other players. Three teams with four players each meet each other in custom-made arenas where the goal is to defeat opponents in various ways, for example by flip flags or knock down all of the opponents team.

Basically, the PvP mode builds on a good thought, but most of it is collapsed because of non-existent matchmaking. Veteran players have powerful equipment to sweep the carpet with both beginners and those who have taken away from Elder Scrolls for a while, making it impossible for many players to even try to make sense in the battlefield.

More Of The Same, on Good and Bad

In the end, The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind chapter primarily refers to those who already spend their digital lives on Tamriel’s plains. There are no revolving news that can attract new players or revive the interest of old players who have been tired of the setup. Instead, it’s a new area whose structure reminds of the already existing world, as well as a new class that fits in well and fills a function – but that does not stand out really purely game-like.

What, on the other hand, shines is the exciting story and a variety of both fun and sad side tracks. In addition, the new class, starting at a high level, makes it easier for beginners to jump in and play with friends who have been in Tamriel before.

Morrowind is simply a well-made extension of The Elder Scrolls Online world. Although “more of the same” has a negative voice over it, it’s hard to complain when a big world filled with exciting stories spreads out in front of our feet. But, of course, it had been welcomed with an updated combat system, brand new game mechanics and a more thoughtful PvP mode.

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Final Fantasy XIV Jobs Are Getting New Abilities

For Final Fantasy XIV, it can be said that Stormblood is a big turning point. On top of that, the addition of Samurai and Red Mage only makes it more enticing. Owing to Final Fantasy XIV’s Stormblood expansion launched in early access on Friday, from the inception of FFXIV, the plight of Ala Mhigo and its refugees has been known to players. FFXIV4GIL be considered as the best Gil supplier, and more newest news can be view more here.

Final Fantasy XIV

While the crux of the Stormblood expansion involves characters venturing into Ala Mhigo and the Asian-inspired Doma with the intention to free them from the oppression of the Garlean Empire. FFXIV took on quite a load and apparently SE simply was not ready for the stress players would place on instancing servers.

Simply put, worlds are reaching their capacity and forcing players to endure log-in queues, which sometimes move very slowly. Despite some speculation that the queues themselves are bugged, they’re actually functioning correctly, only allowing more players online once someone else logs off.

But, it’s worth delighting that Final Fantasy XIV jobs are getting new abilities and enhancements with the new “Stormblood” expansion. The Dark Knight job is no exception, with a whole new UI element being added to better facilitate its blood-based tanking prowess. It is more interesting to note that cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale at FFXIV4GIL.

The Elder Scrolls Online – DLCs Bring More MMO Content

The Elder Scrolls Online was already a successful MMO, but thanks to the recently released add-on Morrowind, it became even more successful. Over 10 million registered players have been registered so far. For success, there are soon two new DLCs.

The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind is on the market just a week ago and has already increased the ESO’s registered brand from 8.5 to over 10 million. This does not mean, however, how many players are actually online every night, but if only a fraction of it regularly plays, the Elder Scrolls MMO is likely to do quite well.


But this is not the only innovation to ESO, ZeniMax announced two new DLCs for ESO, which should be interesting not only for Morrowind owners.

The Elder Scrolls Online – DLCs Bring More MMO Content

Most Critics Agree – Morrowind is a great addition to ESO, but a criticism has been mentioned again and again: ESO offers too little MMO content. A great story is nice and good, but where are the instances where I can do tricky boss fights with my team?

In Morrowind itself, there was only the great raid and public dungeon. With the DLCs “Horns of the Reach” and “Clockwork City” announced on the E3, three new instances are coming into play.

The Elder Scrolls Online – DLCs – Dungeons And Movements

In August, the first DLC package “Horns of the Reach” will be released. This includes a big update for the whole game (regardless of whether your Morrowind or the DLC buys).


There are new objects, houses, costumes and holiday events. If you buy the DLC, you’ll get two new dungeons called “Bloodroot Forge” and “Falkreath Hold” as well as a new PvP battlefield called “Arcane University”. Morrowind must also be present for the latter.

Explore even more of Sotha Sil’s Clockwork City in this new DLC game pack coming to ESO. Daedric forces are at work once again, and your help is needed to prevent disaster.

At the end of the year the DLC will appear and offer a great dungeon in the clockwork city. And although the Clockwork City is on Morrowind, you do not need the new chapter to play the DLC.

As always, both DLCs will be included in an ESO subscription as long as you keep the ESO Plus subscription. With the two announced DLCs, the roadmap for this year should be known.

2018 expect us at least three more DLCs as well as probably a new chapter, which should fall as far as Morrowind.

One Of Character Class In Mu Legend: Sexy And Attractive

Mu Legend is comparatively sought-after gameplay, in Mu Legend, gamers can be allowed to explore many of the unique features of Mu Legend. In this article, we will introduce one of character class in Mu Legend as well as the three different levelling systems.


Whisperer, a sexy and attractive character, but also dangerous on the battlefield, the Legendary Whisperer of Mu Legend was the famous cosplay team in Korea – Team CSL re-make the picture is not beautiful and as if in the virtual world of MU dress. Let’s preview more incredible Whisperer images at U4GM.

For Mu Legend, including the three different levelling systems. Mu Legend incorporates three separate levelling systems that enhance play in different ways.

Account Level: This is the sum of the Soul Levels of all the characters on the account. This offers permanent boosts for all characters.

Soul Level: The Soul Level acts similarly to EXP Level, except the Soul Level has its very own tree to improve stats and passive abilities.

EXP Level: Obtained by completing quests, dungeons, and defeating enemies, this levelling system automatically improves the character’s stats.

All in all, Mu Legend has more rich content and other character classes, if you desire to learn more latest news & guides of Mu Legend, official website U4GM will offers more latest informations to you.

Albion Online Is A Cluster Game Players Enjoying

If you are seeking a new MMORPG to play in 2017, I’ll recommend Albion Online, a sandbox MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive, set in the medieval fantasy world of Albion.

Whether playing a hardened fighter, a farmer, a merchant or a master craftsman, in the player-driven world every single weapon and every single building is created by the players. Thanks to a “you are what you wear” system free of typical class restrictions, a skilled archer can instantly become a powerful mage, and the players define their own role within the game world. PvE, PvP or the battle guild vs guild, every action in the game has a meaning… as well as consequences.


The game is suitable for players who loves to play freely with builds and play whatever class you want mixing stuff like a “sword mage”. Albion Online is for a person that loves to gank people and steal their stuff and love to take risks by going out in danger zones. Craft your weapons, cook your consumables, grow your own animals, have a cool island with your own buildings and your own private space in the Albion world. If you love to play competitive in intense situations, such as 5v5 Guilds vs Guilds or Hellgates (Mix of PvE and PVP).

A Reddit user RealApple shared his advantages of the game and why he enjoys it. The veteran make a list of the pros of Albion Online:

1. Open World Clusters.
2. Open World Clusters with PvP with Full Loot.
3. Instanced dungeons and raids.
4. Smooth combat, smooth graphics and animations.
5. Exploration opportunities.
6. Progression (Leveling to end game and replay).
7. Housing.
8. Community, (Group/Guild action, 5-man team activity).
9. Player driven economy.
10. Skill based combat (You are able to outplay your enemy if you are better).
11. Hardcore/Casual friendly.
12. Grinding for loot (Hellgate boss, other bosses).
13. Charismatic and diverse builds.
14. PvPvE content (Hellgates, open world raid bosses).
15. Great visibilty of of enemy/mob spells and abilities.
16. Hourly/Daily action with PvP zone chests that contains some loot for the one who opens it.
17. Fast learning game. Not hard to master the game if you put time into it.
18. Solo-friendly game altho its recommended to join a guild to be able to progress faster.
19. The ability to buy “premium” with ingame currency. Means you dont have to spend rl money.
20. Everything but a P2W game. Nothing in this game contains P2W.

For players who want to control and manipulate the ingame market prices of the items, Albion Online is the most attractive sandbox game. You can also play on different devices: computer, tablet and smartphone. Albion Online is the first PC game to enable the exact same experience on tablets. Anyway, the game is scheduled to be released on July 17th, 2017.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Review – A Value Return

Morrowind is a name that makes many gamershart beating faster. According to many, the third part in the Elder Scrolls series is the best in the series and, according to some, even the best game ever made. No wonder, therefore, that the new Elder Scrolls Online expansion Morrowind threw high eyes after it was announced. But does Morrowind only stand on nostalgia or is there more on the island of Vvardenfell?

The design of the island is already timeless. For players who visited the Morrowind region in the third Elder Scrolls title or in the Skyrim expansion Dragonborn, it is often a celebration celebration. Also for those who have never put a foot in the home of the Dark Elves, the volcanic island of Vvardenfell is breathtaking. Volcanic caves are alternated with green hillsides full of giant mushrooms, which is characteristic of the region. As in the past, we can also explore some underground elven bombs and Dwemer ruins, and these also remain impressive.


That’s good too, because you will have to travel a lot during your adventure in Morrowind. Vvardenfell is quite big and you will often have to go from one side of the island to another to complete quests. Fortunately, the folder is also well stocked with content and is almost everywhere to find a dungeon, a boss or a town where you can earn your experience and gear. There are also enough wayshrines and other forms of fast travel, so you never have to walk long if you do not feel like it.

The quests themselves are especially storytelling very strong. The main question – trying to unravel why God Vivec is losing his power – may not be very surprising, but it offers enough context to keep the quests interesting. Also in some of the pagequests there are very nice story lines, such as a Khajiit who lost his drug plantation to bandits. Without the well-known dialogues and storylines, the cliche “death this, go here, gather that” quests are a lot less interesting.

Where The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind does innovate, is with the new class. The Warden is the first class to be added to the game since release and is by far the most interesting addition to the expansion. The class has three unique skill trees, each of which is suitable for another role in the game. With Animal Companions, call your animals to your side to harm, with Green Balance you can heal yourself and others through natural magic and with Winter’s Embrace, use your ice cream mask to make yourself an unbeatable tank. Most of the Warden skills work with a short delay, so it takes a while before your used skills actually do something. Especially AoE skills like Scorch and Healing Seed put a lot of emphasis on positioning, making the Warden one of the nicest classes to play.

If you are eager to play the new class, create a new character. Because almost all content since the One Tamriel update is suitable for characters of any level, it’s not a problem to instantly expand the extension with a new character. In fact, Vvardenfell is one of the best beginners in The Elder Scrolls Online. The island is packed with content, has a good story line with fun (but little creative) quests and rewards you with cool gear. The new armor sets, like Morrowind, look very cool and unique, and are also worth collecting or crafting for experienced players, even if it’s only for the looks.

Now that we have experienced players: Even if you’ve played the game ever since the release, The Elder Scrolls Online adds Morrowind enough. First of all, there are the Battlegrounds for the PvP fanatics. These are small-scale arenas where three teams of four take on each other in Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Domination. The battles are much faster and more explosive than the slower, large-scale combat of Alliance Wars. You just deserve Just Alliance Points (the special PvP currency), so Battlegrounds offers an interesting alternative for players looking for good gear, but not wanting to take part in the large-scale PvP battles of the current game.


There is also a new Trial available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. In the Halls of Fabrication, players together with the magic Divayth Fyr – to beat many old-known – some spicy bosses in Clockwork City. Like the other Trials, the Halls of Fabrication offers a big challenge and you will have to work hard with a group of twelve players to get a chance of strong gear.

What is noticeable is that Morrowind mainly builds on The Elder Scrolls Online. A new class here and a new trial are alive, but nowhere does the expansion solve the problems of The Elder Scrolls Online. Thus, many quests are still unilateral and simple, the inventory system is often unclear and you still can not choose a suitable reward at the end of a quest. More than once I got a weapon or a piece of armor where my Warden could not do anything because it did not fit in my build. Should you be excited for Morrowind for nostalgic reasons, but did you not find The Elder Scrolls Online anything? Then this expansion will not change. Also the current selling price is 40 euros, which is not a soft price for an expansion.

The Judgement

With Morrowind, Elder Scrolls Online does not try to find out the wheel again. Players who do not feel attracted to the MMO genre can make this title better left, but for The Elder Scrolls Online fans there is more than enough to see and do. A cool new location, a fantastic new class and a lot of new end-game content make Morrowind an excellent first expansion of an extremely strong MMO.

Mu Legend Classes & Dungeons: Various Difficulty Settings

Mu Online is one of the earliest 3D MMORPGs in South Korea, and Mu Legend is sequel to Mu Online. The game was announced in 2004, but its development actually began in 2009. In Mu Leggend, it’s worth mentioning that its four playable classes, today, we will make a brief introduction, recommend you click here to get more latest informations & guides.


Mu Legend features 4 classes with two races of each. Choose to be a Blader – Human or Kanturu, Dark Lord – Human or Ashas, War Mage – Human or Ashas, or a Whisperer – Human or Elf. Level up as you fight mobs, gain experience and unlock stronger abilities. Pick up loot to craft gear, and join a party with friends to experience the group dungeons.

Speaking of the dungeons of Mu Legend, Mu Legend features a guild system, a quest system, skill trees, and different game modes/dungeon objectives. The dungeons in this game have various difficulty settings and offers a maximum of 400% boost in drop rate and a ton of Exp boost. Truth is, you can also boost your power by buying enough Mu Legend Zen.

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The Nature-Based Class In ESO: Morrowind – The Wardens

The Elder Scrolls Online will allow us this June to return to visit Morrowind, thanks to the new expansion that will reach the online multiplayer title of Bethesda and developed by Zenimax Online. Well, with reasons for the imminent launch, Bethesda has revealed new details of the new class that will arrive next to Morrowind, the Warden, if we translate it into Castilian.


The Wardens will aim to defend life in Tamriel, and we will be able to personalize many aspects of it, in addition it is a class that allows the user to play with nature. For example, we will have the possibility of invoking animals such as the fearsome War Bear or make the healing plants grow.

In the words of Eric Wrobel, the chief designer of the Wardens:

“The Wardens are a class based on nature, and it is a fantastic possibility for all those players who were not satisfied with any of the four classes that currently existed in the game. So, in this way we offer a new possibility to the players. ”

Finally, just remind you that The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will go on sale next Tuesday, June 6, and will reach both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and PC. In addition, it is a perfect opportunity for all those who have enjoyed the adventures of this brand new MMO, recover your desire to go out and discover what the Zenimax Online people have prepared for us on our return to Morrowind and their many missions.

The Elder Scrolls Online: How To Survive Yourself In Morrowind

Bethesda, in aid of the players of The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind, has decided to publish a miniguide of seven small chapters to facilitate the solitary title experience; The software house has stated that the latter will be useful to both veterans and newcomers from the Elder Scrolls series, as it may be helpful in a variety of uncomfortable situations.



Choosing the class in a title like The Elder Scrolls Online is paramount; All classes of the title know how to handle it in combat, thanks to the many skills available for each of them. Morrowind adds a new class to the already numerous list: we are talking about the Warden; The latter is able to enhance its attack skills to gain defense-level benefits such as recovery of strength or increased defense. Additionally, the Warden is able to use the Feral Guardian skill from the very first level. The latter will allow you to summon a mighty warrior bear, so you will not be alone in the dangerous streets of Morrowind.


Morrowind is an immense region full of secrets and as many concealed dangers; Exploring it alone can be very dangerous, but fortunately we can rely on numerous means of transport. Among these, it is worth mentioning the Silt Strider, Morrowind’s native insects, traveling from country to country to reach Vvardenfell’s main sites. Some towns then enjoy boats that will allow you to travel by sea, while the presence of the Wayshrine (travel sanctuaries) will offer a transport network between all those discovered.


The amount and quality of missions in Morrowind is undoubtedly impressive; Even the most kind-loving players will remain silly by their number, and completing them will definitely be advised. In fact, each of them will give unique and exclusive equipment, which will fit into the cooperative game.


In Elder Scrolls Online, weapons and equipment are one of the key parts of the game; They will depend on our survival, obviously from improved statistics and greater defenses. But it is not just white weapons and armor that will be essential: the collection of potions, herbs, ingredients, and various foods will be necessary for survival, either for creating higher potions or for revenue from their sales. Gather will be a fundamental task and, given its infinite capacity, selling will be an art not to be underestimated.


Helmets are a key component of Elder Scrolls Online; The first part of our savings should be invested in it. The latter will prove to be crucial to discover much of the map alone, given the speed with which we can move; In addition, it can be trained at a staller to increase transportable weight and help us directly. 10,000 gold coins are not very few, but counting that we can summon it at any time is absolutely worth the candle.

Food And Potions

Already mentioned in a previous paragraph, food and potions will be crucial for every adventurer; The latter will act as recovery or increase of fundamental statistics in the world of Elder Scrolls Online, such as Magicka, vigor, endurance and health. Do not underestimate the possibility of becoming faster or even invisible, buff fundamental for some situations.

Real Help

In the event that the above tips are not enough or that there is a mission or an enemy too difficult, do not be afraid: the Crown Store is what it is for you! You will be able to purchase any kind of object, potion or parchment so that we can make our adventure in Morrowind and in Elder Scrolls Online. But, above all, the real secret of the title is to play with thousands of people: to help a boss or mission is always the best option, as well as to group and meet dozens of new adventurers: in such a title, Cooperation is always a winning formula.

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