How Much PoE Increased Item Quantity/Rarity Should You Have


In Path of Exile, Increased Item Quantity (IIQ) affects the number of items dropped by monsters you slay. As a basic example having 100% IIQ would mean you get twice as many poe items. IIQ affects not only equipment drops but also currency, and is generally considered much more valuable than IIR.

Item Rarity (IIR) basically determines whether the item dropped will be normal (white), magic (blue), rare (yellow) or unique (brown, orange, or whatever it looks like). Having 100% IIR would mean you get twice as many rare and magic items than you normally would.

Path of Exile

IIQ is generally considered better than IIR, most importantly because it affects currency drop rates as well as equipment. However if you’re focusing on high MF you should try to get a good mixture of both stats, so if you have about 50% IIQ try to get at least 150% IIR to go with it. Having a high amount of either IIQ or IIR rather than both can be beneficial but rarely as much as having both.

Do note that if you’re mostly farming in groups having more IIR is better since a full group already has +250 IIQ (excluding any map bonuses if applicable). If you prefer to farm alone then either get a mixture of both stats, or consider getting high IIR if you want an increased chance to get rare rings and amulets for the Chaos vendor recipe, you can buy poe currency on U4GM.

Dual Spark Totem is currently the main build that focuses on high MF. Most other skill tree builds have to focus on far too many other stats to be able to afford high MF as well. Players with some of the best gear available have +150% IIQ and +450% IIR which is considered an extremely high amount. It is possible to reach high amounts of IIQ/IIR on other builds but it’s ridiculously expensive and to most first-time players well out of reach.

On most characters/builds having any MF is not considered mandatory in any way. High-level players typically farm in groups where only one player has high MF and he’s the one who finishes most monsters, while others focus on damage. You should always prioritize high defensive stats followed by damage, and any MF you’re able to get is helpful but secondary.

Yes, IIQ+IIR of the player who deals the killing blow on a monster is the only one that counts! Typically when you hit a certain threshold where you can clear Docks or low-level maps with ease you can consider getting MF. Even having 50% IIQ and 100% IIR will give you a noticeable increase in items and currency: the easiest way to notice it is when you start running out of Wisdom Scrolls. Good luck!

Path of Exile Has Many Of Its Own Unique Elements And More

Path of Exile is available in free to play format on both PC and Xbox One. Since its staging in 2013, it has not stopped adding content and updates. If you actively follow the action / RPG Path of Exile, you probably know that the visual component of the project has already changed several times. The developers are not going to stop there. The PC build of the game gets updates around a month earlier than the Xbox build. More update and news, click for source.

Path of Exile

One of the biggest complaints players of Path of Exile on Xbox One is the long wait times before updates. Grinding Gear exhibits a brief sample of the experimental technology that is testing internally and that hopefully, we can see in a future expansion, when it is ready. In this release they say that these improvements do not have a negative impact on the performance of the game and that the priority is to improve the performance while improving the graphic quality as much as possible.

While the game is clearly inspired by Diablo 2, it also has many of its own unique elements – namely its in-depth build customization systems. Diablo 3 was my first introduction to the dungeon-crawler, hack-and-slash subgenre of action-RPG’s. I played Path of Exile when it first came out in open beta, and I’m full with excitement in my heart. The most powerful defense in this game is movement.

Now you’re probably realized I’m a pretty big fan of Path of Exile, the free-to-play action/RPG from Grinding Gear Games. All classes have a base mana regeneration rate of 105% of their maximum mana per minute. Each item has a level associated with it that is equal to the monster level of the area it dropped in. You have access to buy path of exile items from U4GM.

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Templar Low Life Builds In Path Of Exile


The Templar is Path of Exile’s strength/intelligence hybrid class, a perfect balance of brawn and wits. The armors associated with the Templar’s strength and intelligence are Chainmail Coifs/Helmets, Chainmail/Ringmail, Mesh/Chain Gloves, Mesh/Chain Boots, and Kite Shields.

Some players really been wanting to try a Low Life build but haven’t really found any guides for it. I have to say that having a sufficient amount of poe currency is a precondition. Any phys to ele build can be great lowlife since all the auras can scale that really well. Blade flurry, blade vortex, EK nova, etc.

Path of Exile

In fact, if you have one high-level character in Abyss, hence why the LL must be a Templar? Fortunately, Templar is one of the most flexible classes in the game IMO. That said, if you’re LL you have one chest (assuming you’re not incandescent) and one amulet to run with: – Shavs / Chayula.

After that, it’s really at your discretion. There’s nodes for Cold, Fire, Light, Minions, Cast, and Regen all within an arms reach of each other on the tree. You’ll want to grab the Melding wheel as it links well with threshold jewels, Energy from within, etc. Obviously Zealots Oath, Faith and Steel is nice because the Jewel socket below that can link to a Red/Blue nightmare which adds a lot of utility / flexibility to builds. Avatar of Fire, Ele Overload, EQ, lots of Regen nodes.

There’s tons of options man its more what do you want to play. You like fast paced builds so go watch some short clips of skills to remind yourself or see some new ones in action. Once you know a couple skills you’d like to make work. Find out what they scale off of. Then decide if you want a shield / wander / 2H staff, etc / Once you’ve got the class, skill, and what your damage scales off of. You should have a faint idea of a wep or source of damage. Now the rest is just gravy, plug in some sample poe items into PoB and start filling in nodes.

If you want a fast paced mapping build, that’s not too squishy so you’ll want : – 7k+ ES – 105+ all res – AS / Cast speed oriented (very few Templar builds scale off pure movement speed) – going to want some decent mitigation. Iron Reflexes isn’t out of the question but you do have to go pretty far out of your way to get it . If you were fond of LL, I assume this is because you want the Pain Attunement / synergies with Guardian? If not, inquisitor has some crazy strong Ascendency passives worth looking into as well. At any rate, you may want to use one of your auras on Grace to boost the mitigation as there aren’t a ton of evasion nodes in that area.

The Best Classes In Path Of Exile: Which Class Is The Best Choice

In free to play games, one of the most important decisions you will make while playing Path of Exile is the selection of characters. Depending on the path you choose, you will discover that your style of play can be completely different. The developers decided to share with their plans for the near future. With War for the Atlas, the latest expansion for the free-to-play ARPG, and is available on PC and Xbox One. By buying poe currency buy, players will enjoy the game smoothly.

Path Of Exile

Best Path Of Exile Classes -The Best Hybrid Classes
The duelist is adept at shortening distances quickly and dispatching enemy sys with swords, axes and double-edged weapons, although he can also use bows and arrows. In his statistics they emphasize his probability of hit of 89%, his evasion in 59 and his life of 62, as well as his mana of 47.

Best Path of Exile classes – The Most Powerful Hybrid Classes
The Templar is another good option to take in the center of a large group of enemies, as it can attack with melee weapons such as swords, clubs, staves and also magic attacks. Chainmail and metal armor are his best equipment. Highlights his evasion of 58, his life of 62 and his mana of 52.

Best Path Of Exile Classes – The Best Pure Classes
As the best path of exile classes, the Marauder is a monster, and is capable of withstanding a lot of damage and sharing it equally. He is able to use two-handed axes and powerful swords, as well as heavy armor such as Plate Mail and Tower Shields. His strength statistics are 32, Life 66, Mana 47 and a hit probability of 83%.

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What’s Best PoE Build For You Of The League

Path of Exile

If you have been a long time PoE gamer, what’s your favorite build of the League from this awesome game? I have really been enjoying my Tri curse EQ slayer. According to the player’s comments about Path of Exile, I summed up some of their favorite build of the League.

Some of the players think that Molten Strike Scion has been fantastic. Roughly following Engineering Eternities build, and it is great fun. Plus as you get poe currency, it is fun to see upgrades come through. Grelwood Shanks make it better, and then you can get a Culling one since they are cheap, and then Dying sun makes it better.

Path of Exile

Some of the players followed engineering eternity’s scion molten strike guide fairly close and loved it. It’s a fantastic character and with slayer over leech extremely solid defensively and fun to play. The combo of over leech and free frenzy charges always makes want to definitely learn towards scion.

Some of them love the Detonate dead poets pen. They think that detonate dead is quite powerful and feels good. With spell cascade it can make all 3 explosion target corpses in the same spot which means every cast will pretty much always hit the same spot 3 times. Combined with the tiny delay before each explosion in the cascade it just feels like an explosive machine gun of death and destruction. Incredibly satisfying.

As for mine, the league-starter “WOE Sunder Slayer”. It’s the fastest and safest leveling build I’ve ever used. It’s dirt cheap & uses no uniques or “+1″ items to level. It’s also the fastest and safest Uber Lab speed running build I’ve ever used. You can crush the Uber Lab pretty much the instant you hit L70 after completing act 10 and needs almost none of the unique’s listed to even do that.

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Useful Tips To Level Better In PoE

Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, leveling in PoE is ok when you know these things: where to go first and what to skip, what to pick up from the ground and what to skip. Just as having moreĀ path of exile items will make you more powerful, learn about these tips, Leveling in PoE is ok.

The sequence tips:

Don’t do Tidal Island if you have movement flasks. Don’t do quests with shitty rewards (white beast, sacred ground, swig of hope). Don’t do quests with respec points reward (dirty job, sacred ground). In act3 you can search for party with name “Free solaris wp” or smth like this and skip 3 zones. You can also join parties to kill bosses and skip all pre-boss locations but it is not very good.

Path Of Exile

The loot tips:

Pick all Jewellery pick all essences pick bases and colors that you need for leveling pick small rare items (daggers, wands, etc) to trade for alts.

There are some other things you should know when you want to level in PoE:

Upper prison: When you get into dens chambers and beyond the journal room then follow the blood smears to find how to get to Brutus quickly. They lead to his door.

Market place: the sewer entrance will be in a clear area near where you enter. Go in there. Do the statue pick up and go out of the other exit and you skip the statue corridor completely. Then the waypoint will be somewhere pretty nearby in a squarish set of arches. Then follow the right wall and around to the north wall as the entrance to Battlefront is always on one of those two sides.

Market place: the sewer entrance will be in a clear area near where you enter. Go in there. Do the statue pick up and go out of the other exit and you skip the statue corridor completely. Then the waypoint will be somewhere pretty nearby in a squarish set of arches. Then follow the right wall and around to the north wall as the entrance to Battlefront is always on one of those two sides.

Western forest: head to the end for unsealing the road first and note where the path has some broken cobblestones on the edge as you head there. Then head down that side of the zone to find Alliras camp along that wall. Then head to the other side and the cobwebs for the Weavers chambers.

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There Is No Denying That There Is Potential In The Path of Exile


Path of Exile is one of the few free productions that are a viable alternative to high-budget games from this genre. The project’s action is set in a dark fantasy world, and the gameplay brings to mind the classics of the genre.


With the challenging essence of the old school by flag, and a free-to-play business model, Path of Exile is a great action adventure and isometric view role that will make you have a great time. The great freedom of personalization that gives us, the intense and frenetic action, the obscurantism of its setting and, of course, its side of cooperative game are just part of the attraction of this gem, which despite not being perfect, It’s worth trying. More considering that it is completely free.

Path of Exile is an RPG action game set in the dismal fantasy world known as Wraeclast. Starring seven clearly differentiated heroes, the program includes a novel system of skill progression based on the use of power gems, which we must combine with the 1350 passive improvements our warriors can access.

Your ambience As dark and macabre as the great classics of the genre.
Great freedom to customize our heroes thanks to the use of power gems.
It is an extensive adventure, with a very addictive action and a very funny cooperative.

Level design somewhat irregular and some lack of variety in their enemies.
Slight latency errors in the connection during some games.

There is no denying that there is potential in the Path of Exile, and many players say that the game is much more reminiscent of the Diablo series than the Diablo III released last year. You can see it at first glance – the work of Grinding Games looks much darker and less colorful than the last Blizzard project.

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The Faction War Update In The Open Beta Of MU Legend

MU Legend is the next in line to be released, after the long-lasting classic MU Online and recent games such as MU Legend and MU Origin, establishing the MU franchise for the next generations. Webzen has announced the release today of the Faction War update in the open beta of MU Legend. Furthermore, the guild war update is the last important step towards a final OBT version of MU Legend. No more waiting, players are capable of getting more news and informations at here:

MU Legend

Given that MU Legend has not too long ago introduced the update to MU Legend, we now want to talk about our new update coming on the 9th of January: Faction War. This new challenge, a true “Premiere” in the ARPG games genre, invites the avid guilds and PvP players to conquer territories of other guilds in epic PvP games. The guilds will be able to challenge each other to ascend the server and show which players will hold the supremacy.

In the faction wars you have the opportunity to conquer with your guild special guild areas and fight against other guilds for dominance on the server. Publisher Webzen has announced the release of a major update introducing fractional warfare into MU Legend. Guild wars in MU Legend run like tournaments by turns, rewarding each participating guild. In the final it decides which guild wins the war – until the next battle starts.

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