Fallout 76: Assault Rifle vs Shotgun

Fallout 76: Assault Rifle vs Shotgun

In the wasteland world of Fallout 76, choosing the right weapon is crucial to a player’s survivability and combat efficiency. Assault rifles and shotguns, as the two main weapons in the game, each have different damage output characteristics. To ensure that your weapon can be useful in critical moments, remember to maintain it regularly, just like using oil to maintain mechanical equipment. In this article, we will compare the performance of these two weapons in close-range and mid-range combat to help players better choose the right weapon for them.

Fallout 76: Anti Armor Explosive Assault Rifle.

Close Range Damage

Shotguns have a clear advantage in close-range combat. Due to the shotgun’s ability to shoot multiple projectiles, it has an extremely high hit rate at close range, resulting in huge bursts of damage. This allows the Shotgun to quickly take down enemies in close range combat, especially when facing a large number of enemies, its high hit rate and high burst damage is undoubtedly the key to survival. In order to better equip and upgrade the shotgun, you can choose to buy caps for Fallout 76 to get more resources and props to improve your combat power.

Fallout 76: Gauss Shotgun by SPARTAN22294 on DeviantArt

Medium to Long Range Damage

Unlike the Shotgun, the Assault Rifle has an advantage in mid-range combat. Assault Rifles typically have higher accuracy and range, allowing them to maintain a consistent damage output over longer distances. This allows Assault Rifles to effectively kill enemies in mid to long range combat without the need to get close to the opponent, thus reducing the risk of being counter-attacked.

Sustained Output

Another significant advantage of the Assault Rifle is its higher rate of fire and larger magazine capacity. In contrast, shotguns, while incredibly explosive at close range, require more frequent reloading, which may cause some inconvenience in sustained combat. The Assault Rifle, on the other hand, provides a more sustained damage output, allowing players to keep the firepower going during extended battles.

Specialized Attachments

In Fallout 76, both the Shotgun and Assault Rifle have their own exclusive recommended points. Shotgunners can increase their damage with the “Shotgunner” skill set, while Assault Rifles have other support abilities to increase their output. Properly adding points can significantly increase the weapon’s damage, giving players an advantage in battle.

Applicable Scenarios

Shotguns are more suitable for close-range, high-explosive combat styles, and excel in narrow spaces and close-range confrontations. The Assault Rifle is more suited to flexible combat at various distances, especially if you need to flexibly deal with enemies at different distances, the versatility of the Assault Rifle is especially important.

Server Impact

It is worth noting that the state of the game’s servers may also affect the performance of high-damage weapons. In some cases, too much damage may cause enemies to bleed back or lock up, which should be taken into account when choosing a weapon.

Shotguns have a higher instant damage output in close-range combat, while assault rifles provide more consistent and sustained damage and have an advantage in mid-range and long-range combat. Players should choose the weapon that best suits their gameplay style and tactical needs in order to survive and win in the wasteland world of Fallout 76. Whether you’re looking for close-range explosiveness or need a steady output over medium to long distances, the Assault Rifle and Shotgun will meet your needs.

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