Throne and Liberty: Global Launch and Open Beta

Throne and Liberty: Global Launch and Open Beta

“Throne and Liberty” is an exhilarating, free-to-play, multiplatform MMORPG set in the expansive and dynamic world of Solisium. 2024 is going to be an exciting year for gamers. The long-awaited Global Edition of Throne and Liberty is finally scheduled for release on September 17, and the public beta will provide early access from July 18 to 23. To strengthen your character, consider purchasing Thrones Lucents and Items from U4GM before the game starts. Stay tuned for the latest game updates and prepare for an unforgettable adventure in Solisium.

 Embark on a Memorable Quest in Solisium

Dive into the ever-evolving universe of Solisium with Throne and Liberty. This free-to-play adventure centers around grand-scale guild conflicts, offering players the chance to partake in massive battles against hordes of enemies and mythical beasts. Your agility and decision-making skills are crucial, influencing your journey at every turn.

 Blending Time-Honored Traditions with Cutting-Edge Play

Throne and Liberty

Throne and Liberty combines beloved features of traditional MMORPGs with innovative gameplay elements. Warriors have the freedom to customize their fighting techniques with dual weapon choices or transform into terrestrial, aquatic, and aerial beings to traverse Solisium’s expansive realms. Adventurers might even temporarily embody vanquished foes, gaining an edge in combat.

 Discover the Expansive and Lively Realm of Solisium

The realm of Solisium is teeming with variety, presenting a tapestry of unique personalities and locales ranging from majestic fortresses and lively metropolises to sacred ruins, desolate sands, and verdant woodlands. The dynamic climates and weather patterns of Solisium unlock exclusive content and influence battle prowess. The day-to-night cycle introduces fresh challenges, altering the adversaries and missions that lie ahead.

 Gearing Up for the Open Beta

With the open beta on the horizon, Amazon Games and NCSOFT are set to unveil further insights into the intricacies and offerings of Throne and Liberty. Eager combatants can explore the gameplay portal to acquaint themselves with the arsenal and exploits awaiting them. Rally your comrades, fortify your guild, and vie for supremacy in Throne and Liberty. Solisium beckons you to a saga that promises to be an epoch-making escapade.

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