Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge Exotic weapon and loot table

Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge Exotic weapon and loot table

The loot for Salvation’s Edge is as follows:

Photonic armor set 

Destiny 2

Euphony Linear Fusion Rifle – This weapon’s intrinsic trait is Unwound which spawns Threadlings when dealing sustained damage.

Summum Bonum Sword

Critical Anomaly Sniper Rifle

Imminence Submachine Gun

Non-Denouement Combat Bow

Forthcoming Deviance Glaive

Nullify Pulse Rifle

Turmoil Engine Vehicle

Resonant Cellweave Shader

Timeless Bond Ghost Shell

Edfication Emblem

Raid mods

The raid mods you can get from Salvation’s Edge are:

Electrified Conductor – In Salvation’s Edge, receive a large amount of Special ammo when charging a conductor.

Stacked – Final blows have an increased chance of spawning Heavy ammo while in possession of Resonance.

Persistent Resonance – Create orbs when depositing Resonance.

Arm’s Reach – Unknown at this time.

High-Tier Elimination – Gain bonus ability energy when defeating challenging combatants or higher.

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