Salvation’s Edge Raid: Substratum Encounter Guide

Salvation’s Edge Raid: Substratum Encounter Guide

The encounter is called Substratum, and here’s how to clear it from start to finish for dummies.  These tips will help you clear it and make your way to that sweet new raid exotic linear fusion rifle. Let’s get you up and running! Here is a summary guide for the Substratum first encounter in the Salvation’s Edge raid in Destiny 2.

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 Encounter Overview

When you enter the room, you’ll see a triangular orange item on the ground called Resonant Essence. Pick it up and interact with the chest in the middle of the room to start the encounter. The Witness will reach into the room and start a wipe timer, displayed at the top of your screen. Your goal is to collect about 40-45 Essence and stockpile it into the chest to end the encounter.

 Step-by-Step Guide

Destiny 2

1. Starting the Encounter: 

   – Pick up the Resonant Essence and interact with the chest in the middle of the room.

   – Avoid the Witness’s hand, which spawns glowing orange triangle traps that detonate and kill anyone inside.

2. Splitting into Teams:

   – Two doors will open, and supplicants will start pouring out. Kill them from a distance.

   – Split into two teams of three: Team A and Team B. Each team enters a different door.

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3. Clearing Rooms:

   – Progress through the rooms, clearing ads and yellow bars. Kill everything, including the Hydra that spawns after the initial wave.

   – Killing the Hydra opens the way forward for the other team. Continue clearing until a third room opens, containing an Overload Minotaur.

4. Reconvene and Kill Tormentor:

   – Once the Minotaur is down, a door will open back to the central chamber where a Tormentor will spawn. Everyone reconvene and eliminate the Tormentor quickly.

5. Repeat the Loop:

   – After killing the Tormentor, repeat the process: clear rooms, kill the Overload Minotaur, and reconvene to kill the next Tormentor.

6. Core Mechanic Introduction:

   – When the second Tormentor dies, two plates will light up in the rooms that Team A and Team B just cleared. You need to start ping-ponging energy between these plates.

   – Find the glowing plate (plate one) and its corresponding adjacent room plate (plate two). Use the Resonance Conductor’s orange glow to identify plate two.

7. Ping-Ponging Energy:

   – Plate one person steps on and off the plate to send energy to plate two. Plate two person waits for the light to reach the plate before stepping on to send energy back.

   – Ping-pong the energy four times between the plates. Collect three stacks of Resonant Essence each, but no more than three, or you will die.

   – Plate two person shoots the black glowing conductor and steps on the plate for the fourth time to shut the system down.

8. Handling Ads and Supplicants:

   – Ads will continuously spawn in the plate rooms. Use crowd control abilities and focus on quick eliminations to stay on track.

9. Depositing Essence:

   – After shutting down the conductors, a Subjugator and ads will spawn in the central room. Reconvene, kill them, and deposit your Essence into the chest.

   – Ensure all your Essence is deposited before moving on. Repeat the entire process twice more.

 Tips for Success

– Suspend and Devour: Use abilities like Suspend and Devour to control enemies and keep your health topped off.

– Clear Communication: Assign specific roles and routes to avoid confusion and save precious seconds.

– Crowd Control: Use builds that focus on crowd control and survivability to manage the constant flow of enemies.

 Goals to Track Progress

1. Reach the Plates Part: Clear rooms, kill the Overload Minotaur and Tormentor, and reach the plate-ping-pong phase.

2. Successfully Ping-Pong Energy: Learn to manage the plates and collect Essence without dying.

3. Deposit Essence: Successfully deposit any amount of Essence into the chest to reset the timer.

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