How about Aisha’s Care god roll – Destiny 2

How about Aisha’s Care god roll – Destiny 2

Aisha’s Care is one of a few new heavy-burst pulse rifles in Destiny 2. Thanks to its source in Trial of Osiris, you’ll likely find some great PvP perks on this one—but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used in PvE either. This new Pulse Rifle is sporting a new Frame called Heavy Burst only shared with the new Raid Pulse Rifle, Nullify.
If you’ve participated in the new raid, Salvation’s Edge, and acquired the Nullify Soul two-round burst pulse rifle, you might already be familiar with this weapon family. Using U4GM’s destiny 2 boosting service can help you quickly complete challenging raids, nightfalls, and other activities, ensuring that you can easily obtain Aisha’s Care Pulse Rifle .

Weapon Family Overview

Raw Details

  • Damage: Each burst deals 42 damage to the head and 24 damage to the body.
  • Optimal Time-to-Kill (TTK): 0.87 seconds, requiring six bullets (five to the head, one to the body) across three full bursts.

Comparing this to other weapons, the Aisha’s Care’s optimal TTK is slower than almost every other primary weapon. For instance:

  • Auto Rifles: Longest TTK of 0.83 seconds.
  • 140 Hand Cannons: 0.87 seconds with high aim assist and peak shot potential.
  • Other Pulse Rifles and Scout Rifles: Generally faster TTK. Usability in PvP

Given its slower TTK, Aisha’s Care struggles in direct duels. However, it does have potential utility in specific scenarios, particularly for long-range support fire. With a base range value of 80, zoom value of 18, and recoil direction of 75, it excels at landing substantial damage from a distance. It’s especially effective when you’re not the primary target, providing distant support fire.

Perks and Potential Rolls

First Column Perks

  1. Under Pressure: Great synergy with the Amalan Fluid Dynamics origin trait.
  2. Tunnel Vision: Not ideal for this pulse rifle due to its long-range nature.
  3. Encore: Not necessary given the weapon’s inherent range and stability.
  4. Gutshot Straight: Not recommended.
  5. Zen Moment: Usually a strong perk, but not needed here due to the stability provided by the origin trait.
  6. Keep Away: Highly recommended for consistent range, reload speed, and accuracy bonuses. Second Column Perks
  7. Moving Target: Adds extra aim assist while dueling.
  8. Headseeker: Solid choice for pulses.
  9. Golden Tricorn: Useful for follow-up damage.
  10. Desperado: Enhances fire rate after a headshot kill.
  11. Collective Action: Not recommended.
  12. Kill Clip: Surprisingly less effective due to unchanged TTK despite increased damage.
  13. Hatchling: Great for PvE, especially for Strand builds. Recommended Rolls

For PvP:

  • Keep Away + Desperado: Optimizes for range and faster TTK after a kill.
  • Under Pressure + Headseeker: Combines stability and damage boosts.

For PvE:

  • Slice + Golden Tricorn: Ideal for Strand builds with synergy for additional damage and Threadling creation.

Aisha’s Care is not inherently a bad weapon, but it requires strategic play and excellent positioning to maximize its effectiveness. Its slower TTK makes it challenging in direct duels, but it shines as a support weapon from a distance. Whether this weapon fits your playstyle or not, farming for the perfect roll could be rewarding for specific builds and scenarios.

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