How about exotic auto rifle Khvostov in The Final Shape?

How about exotic auto rifle Khvostov in The Final Shape?

The exotic auto rifle,Khvostov, returns to Destiny 2: Final Form, and statistically, it’s the best adaptive auto rifle in the game. Here’s a full rundown of this new weapon in both PVP and PVE. Let’s dive into what makes this weapon so great in both ultimate PvE content like raids, casual PvP, and competitive ranked PvP.

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Basic Stats and Comparisons

The Exotic Kastav is a kinetic adaptive frame auto rifle firing at 600 RPM, similar to the popular Summoner. In terms of range, stability, and handling, the Kastav is comparable to the Summoner. However, the Kastav stands out in four key areas:

  1. Reload Speed: The Kastav has a base reload speed of 79 compared to the Summoner’s 56, allowing you to stay in the fight longer with less downtime.
  2. Aim Assist: With an aim assist of 87, the Kastav outshines the Summoner’s 62, making it incredibly “sticky” and easy to land headshots.
  3. Zoom Value: The Kastav has a zoom value of 17.7, enhancing its dueling ability at longer ranges with more stability and less shake.
  4. Recoil Animation: The Kastav has a recoil value of 97, with a nearly perfect vertical pattern, unlike the Summoner’s 57, which often requires additional mods to manage.

These stats make the Kastav the best 600 RPM auto rifle in Destiny 2, dethroning the Summoner with ease.

Exotic Perks

The Kastav features two exotic perks and one standard perk that create a cohesive gameplay loop:

  1. The Right Choice: Every seventh bullet deals extra damage and ricochets to nearby targets. This is incredibly useful in both PvP and PvE, allowing you to deal damage to multiple targets simultaneously.
  2. Eyes Up, Guardian: Collecting orbs of power strengthens the weapon’s ricochet shots, increasing damage and the number of bounces. This perk synergizes well with creating and picking up orbs of power during combat.
  3. Shoot to Loot: This standard perk allows you to shoot orbs of power to collect them, keeping your empowered bullets and health up in mid-combat.

These perks make the Kastav excel in situations with multiple enemies, making it a buzz saw that chews through foes in both PvP and PvE.

Recommended Loadout and Gameplay Tips

To maximize the Kastav’s potential, equip a kinetic surge mod to boost damage further and a kinetic siphon mod on your helmet to create orbs of power. This setup ensures a constant supply of empowered bullets, making the Kastav even more lethal. In PvE, the weapon is particularly effective in encounters with no bosses but numerous enemies, such as the first and fourth encounters of Salvation’s Edge.

In PvP, the Kastav’s high aim assist and fast reload speed make it a formidable choice for duels and skirmishes. The ricochet bullets can finish off weakened enemies hiding behind cover or stepping into the fight, giving you an edge in competitive matches.

The Exotic Kastav is a powerhouse in Destiny 2, with the best base stats of any adaptive auto rifle and a cohesive perk set that enhances its effectiveness in both PvP and PvE. Its ability to deal with multiple targets simultaneously and the synergy between creating and using orbs of power makes it a must-have in your arsenal.

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