Ultimate Guide to Defeating The Witness in Salvation’s Edge

Ultimate Guide to Defeating The Witness in Salvation’s Edge

In this guide, we’ll cover the final encounter in Destiny 2’s newest raid.

Encounter Breakdown

Understanding the Arena

The arena is a V-shape with a light-themed side and a Darkness-themed side. Ads will constantly spawn on both sides, including Screeps and Weavers, which is an especially sinister combination. We found it best to have four people manage the ads, two on each side, to ensure we don’t get overrun. This also makes it safer for our Runners to move around the arena without getting yanked by Weavers and blasted by Screeps.

The Hands and Glyph Breaker Buff

During this encounter, three giant hands will constantly bombard the arena with attacks. Your goal is to destroy the hands to acquire the Glyph Breaker buff and then use that buff to destroy the six buttons on The Witness’s jacket. In total, you need to get the buff six times and break six buttons to enter the damage phase.

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Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Choose a Hand to Attack:
    • Ceiling Hand: Creates triangular traps on the floor that do big damage when they detonate.
    • Ground Hand: Does a mortar strike attack, highlighting a circle on the floor.
    • Horizontal Hand: Highlights a straight line across the battlefield and unleashes a powerful laser blast.
  2. Destroy the Hand:
    • Stand in the telegraphed attack of the hand.
    • Shoot the bracelet on the hand, which will light up one of two colors (not its own).
    • Retrieve the correct resonance by standing in the appropriate attack’s telegraph:
      • Green Bracelet: Stand in the triangular trap.
      • Yellow Bracelet: Stand in the mortar strike circle.
      • Red Bracelet: Stand in the laser beam path.
  3. Break the Bracelet:
    • Return to the hand and shoot the bracelet with the acquired resonance.
    • Obtain the Glyph Breaker buff and shoot a button on The Witness’s jacket.
    Managing Resonant Essence

Essence management is crucial. You can remove essence stacks by standing on the central platform when a button is broken or by intentionally acquiring another stack to reset the timer. Too many stacks will kill you, so be mindful of your management.

Dealing with Subjugators

Subjugators will spawn each time you break a glyph. Coordinating with your team to break glyphs simultaneously can minimize the number of subjugators spawning at once.

The Witness’s Test

Occasionally, The Witness will test your memory. You’ll need to draw the shape of the hand you just broke by destroying the correct hourglasses in the grid. Pay attention to the audio cues and the visual layout to pass this test.

Damage Phase

The damage phase is intense. The Witness will bombard the plate with attacks, and you need to keep moving to avoid them. Pay attention to his hand movements and the telegraphed attacks. Jump when his eyes light up to avoid massive damage. If you can coordinate well, you can defeat him in two phases. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to go for a three-phase kill if needed.

Final Stand

In the final stand, hit The Witness hard and fast. He will attack rapidly, so focus on avoiding his attacks while dishing out as much damage as possible. Once you defeat him, congratulations! Enjoy your loot.


  1. Despawning Hands: If a hand despawns, quickly shoot another and see if you get lucky with the correct buff.
  2. Multiple Hands: Remember which hand you are attacking to avoid confusion if there are multiple similar hands.
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