Salvation’s Edge Raid: Verity’s Fourth Encounter

Salvation’s Edge Raid: Verity’s Fourth Encounter

Destiny 2

In this guide, we’re going to break down the fourth encounter in the Salvation’s Edge raid, known as Verity. 

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 Encounter Breakdown

 Starting the Encounter

The encounter begins when you interact with one of the statues at the far end of the room. Three players will stay in the original room (Outside Team), while three will be transported to a mirror image of the room (Inside Team).

 Inside Team Instructions

Destiny 2

1. Identify and Call Out Shapes: Each Inside Team member will see three statues holding shapes (e.g., square, triangle, circle) and call them out to the Outside Team.

2. Shape Collection: Each Inside Team member needs to collect two shapes matching the one their statue holds. For instance, if your statue holds a triangle, collect two triangles.

3. Distribute Shapes: Once collected, gift these shapes to your teammates who need them.

4. Craft the Final Shape: After distributing your shapes, combine the two new shapes to form a new one (e.g., a circle and a square make a cylinder).

5. Escape the Room: Use your crafted shape to exit the room by walking through the glass wall.

 Outside Team Instructions

Destiny 2

1. Match Shapes: Each statue must hold two shapes that the corresponding Inside statue does not. For example, if the Inside statue holds a square, the Outside statue needs a triangle and a circle.

2. Swap Shapes: Subtract and swap shapes between statues using Knights that drop shapes. Insert a shape into a statue to signal subtraction and ensure the correct shapes are held.

 Managing Shapes and Symbols

– Shape Identification: Understand the shape combinations:

  – Two circles = Sphere

  – Two triangles = D4

  – Two squares = Cube

  – Circle + Triangle = Cone

  – Circle + Square = Cylinder

  – Triangle + Square = Elongated Triangular Prism

  – Subtracting Shapes: Think of the swapping process as subtraction. If a statue shows a cylinder (circle + square), and you need a triangle, subtract the circle.

 Witness and Resurrections

Occasionally, the Witness will kill everyone inside. The Outside Team must then collect and place the ghosts of their teammates on the correct pedestals to revive them. Proper communication is key here to avoid mistakes.

 Final Phase

After three successful rotations of shape matching and swapping:

1. Defeat Unstoppable Champions: Two ogres will spawn; eliminate them and all other adds.

2. Survive the Final Witness Attack: The Witness will kill five of you. The remaining player revives teammates by placing their ghosts on the correct pedestals.

 Tips for Success

– Communication is Crucial: Clear and precise callouts ensure smooth shape swaps and resurrections.

– One Statue Manager: Have one person manage the statues on the Outside Team to avoid confusion.

– Preparedness: Ensure everyone understands both inside and outside roles, so no one is caught off guard.

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