Destiny Class Guide:Detail Analysis of the the Destiny rogue-Hunter

Destiny Class Guide:Detail Analysis of the the Destiny rogue-Hunter

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The Hunter is a class for nimble kills and skill shots; it requires and favours precision and quick thinking. Hunters are less survivable than Titans and lack the regenerative abilities of Warlocks, but they excel both at a distance in on the frontlines – provided they keep on their toes. It’s the class to play if you want to be challenged and surprised with new encounters every time you play, switching between playstyles to suit the situation.

destiny hunter

The Hunter has a great double jump; the fact that it’s just called Double Jump should tell you how it differs from the other classes. You’ll have much greater choice over where you go and when, making the double jump a highly effective tool in a skilled player’s combat arsenal. When fully upgraded, it’s actually a triple jump, reaches amazing heights, and is effortlessly manoeuvrable.

An incredibly satisfying melee animation makes the Hunter a great class for stabbing unwary enemies in the back. The special melee is in a whole other class – it’s actually a ranged attack, and opens a wealth of tactical options. Its upgrades are great, too; you’ll be able to instantly recharge the skill with a presicion kill, inflict persistent damage over time, and even extend the duration of your super.

The Hunter’s super is probably the least exciting of the three, but it’s also the easiest to get a hit in with, as it spawns a golden hand cannon and grants you three quick, powerful shots that do tremendous damage. It can be upgraded for greater accuracy and reduced cooldown, and when powered up to maximum will cause defeated foes to explode, damaging other enemies nearby.

The grenade deals persistent fire damage, but takes some effort to master, as it bounces about and explodes after a short delay. Upgrading mitigates this delay t explode on impact, and also release drones to seek enemies. The final upgrade is a tactician’s dream; it sticks to a surface, and detonates when enemies pass through a trigger zone.

The Hunter’s class foci increase battle recovery and toughness, but also have great effects on other skills. By fully upgrading, you’ll reduce grenade and special melee cooldown by picking up ammo; shoot through enemies with your super; increase weapon stability and reload speed up to three stacks with precision kills; increase the range of your super; and unlock a second special melee.

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