Destiny Character: Notable Guide

Destiny Character: Notable Guide

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You and your fellow Guardians aren’t the only characters in this great tale. Destiny plays host to many key NPCs who will guide you on your journey through the cosmos. Some, like Ghost, will always be at your side while others, like the Queen of the Reef, will give you missions once you find her.

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Ghost: The Ghost is your AI companion in the game Destiny. It is a floating intelligence that was created by the Traveler during his dying days to assist the Guardians in protecting the universe. The Ghost is used for navigation, accessing computer systems, lighting dark areas, summoning your Sparrow, and much more.

You can customize your Ghost with different skins (this option is not available in the Beta).The Ghost is voiced by Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage.

Trivia: A custom Ghost figurine that features motion activated lights and dailogue was included in the Destiny: Ghost Edition version of the game. This limited collectors edition also included a custom in-game skin for your Ghost that resembles the one included in the package.

The Mask: This male dressed in white with a mask is know as the speaker who can only speak to the traveler. He is seeable in the Destiny E3 2013 trailer. And E3 2014 bungie experice trailer.

Queen Of The Reef: The Queen is an Awoken living out in the Reef. She lives with many other Awoken there, but isn’t as welcoming to Awoken born in the City. She is an important NPC who gives you missions.

Charlemagne: Charlemagne is one of the great warmachines, or War Minds, created during the Golden Age on Mars. Presumably there are others but little is known about them.Charlemagne is supposedly reactivating or ‘alive’ in some way on Mars, deep within Charlemagne’s Vault.

Charlemange is based off of the great king Charlemange of the Medieval age. He was one of the greatest conquerors and kings of all time, even fighting along side of other notable historical figures such as Count Roland. His sword, Joyeuse, was forged from the same steel as Durendal and Curtana, wielded by Roland and Ogier respectively. The AIs of past Bungie games have been based off these swords; Durendal being Durandal and Curtana being Cortana. It is speculated by some fans that our AI companion Ghost is Joyeuse, but not all are sure as of yet.


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