Destiny Guide: How to find all of the Gold Chests on Earth

Destiny Guide: How to find all of the Gold Chests on Earth

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Aside from the dead Ghosts that you can find scattered throughout the world of Destiny, the game also contains many different kinds of loot chests that appear all over the environments you can travel to. Some loot chests take on different appearances, contain better items, and are randomly hidden in difficult-to-reach locations. They’re there to reward the most adventurous of players.


Each major open world area in Destiny also houses five Gold Chests that appear in the same area once for every player. These Gold Chests contain very good items and finding all of them will grant players with an additional reward.

This is a guide on how to find all of the Gold Chests on Earth.

1. The Steppes to Dock 13 — When you approach from the Steppes, enter the building that leads to Dock 13 and move into the next room. A Gold Chest rests in plain view atop a desk.

2. Forgotten Shore — A chest lies next to the water just below the Terrestrial Complex at the base of the Forgotten Shore Cliff.

3. Forgotten Shore to Mothyards — When you enter from the Forgotten Shores towards Mothyards, follow it as it curves left and then back right. Turn to the right side and spot the water falling in front of a cave—a chest lies within.

4. Lunar Complex — In the same room where you took down a Hive Wizard during The Dark Within, jump onto the room on the left and search the back side of the room.

5. Devils’ Lair — Accessible only during the Devils’ Lair Strike, find the chest during the fight with Sepiks Prime or just after defeating it under the right platform.

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