The Dark Below Preview Of Destiny Expansion

The Dark Below Preview Of Destiny Expansion

Not so long,we have seen The Dark Below Prologue of the Official Destiny Expansion I .

Following GameInfomer’s early look at the trailer, Bungie has officially uploaded the Preview Video for fans to watch. Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below is coming to all platforms on December 9th.

Let’s wait and see what happens!

The trailer introduces you to the wealth of content that a waits you in The Dark Below, including new weapons, armor, and gear, as well as new quests and missions. The expansion also includes three new competitive multiplayer maps (including Destiny’s first truly symmetrical map), in addition to a new six-player raid. The Dark Below also raises Destiny’s soft level cap to 32.

Destiny launched in September, and has 9.5 million registered users by publisher Activision’s latest count. In addition to Destiny’s DLC, Bungie is now working on a full-on sequel.

As we can see that the Destiny has a long way to go.

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