What? Destiny’s Latest Weekly Strike Locked Behind DLC?

What? Destiny’s Latest Weekly Strike Locked Behind DLC?

Destiny’s first expansion, “The Dark Below”, launches today with all kinds of new content players can enjoy. But perhaps you didn’t feel like spending money to get it, or want to focus on the core content for the time being. So instead, you turn your attention to the latest weekly strike to earn some high-level gear. Good luck with that; today’s weekly strike mission is “The Will of Crota”, the one bundled with “Dark Below”. In other words, if you didn’t buy the expansion, no weekly strike for you.


For those who don’t play Destiny to know why this is a big deal: Every week, players can take part in weekly heroic strike missions selected by Bungie. These are basically high-level dungeons providing rewards that are essential to anyone at Level 20 or above. If you want to level up 30 fast, just click  destiny power leveling now. levelingWith the DLC paywall however, vanilla players are effectively locked out of this content for a whole week, and have no other strike mission to play as an alternative.


Next week, the strike mission will probably cycle back to a non-DLC dungeon, but in the meantime the only option is to pay real-world money to advance your character. And that’s not the only frustration for vanilla players: Bungie also altered the strike playlists so that only high-level Roc strikes (only available in expansions) provide valuable engrams.

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Hopefully Bungie can provide something else to players locked out of weekly strikes this week. At the very least, perhaps the “House of Wolves” expansion will give players a list of strikes to choose from at its launch date.


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