You can level up to 32 in the destiny

You can level up to 32 in the destiny


Today, Someone has already hit the new level cap, that is to say, you can level up to 32. Most players can appreciate how nuts this is, but non-fans should know that this is an enormous undertaking.

To sum it up, you need to score three raid armor pieces from the new raid (combined with a fully upgraded new exotic armor piece) and then a total of 63 of the new radiant shards to max them out. This shard requirement isn’t possible with one character even if you are extremely lucky and score all three armor pieces in a single run. And you can only get raid rewards from a single run per character per week. So how was it accomplished?

Bungie forum member Enormous Trash posted his or her level 32 character super early this morning. The user didn’t offer a ton of explanation, only linking to his or her profile page (shown above) for others to dig through. Enormous Trash has three warlocks and ran them all through the new raid. Then, according to a response in the thread, the user deleted a character and ran a new warlock from level 1 through a raid run a total of five times to get everything needed to hit 32. If you want to level up faster, choose destiny power leveling.

Comments in the forum range from congratulatory to questioning the person’s lack of life, job, and so on.

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