6 Large Parts Of The ‘Destiny’ Must Go

6 Large Parts Of The ‘Destiny’ Must Go

Recent weeks have brought a number of potential leaked details about upcoming expansions, as well as glitches that have allowed some players to explore incomplete zones, but without any clear confirmation of how old or accurate those leaks and glitches might be, I’m not assuming anything as confirmed. Instead, here are the areas that we’re most curious about which are already visible inside the game.

Kings’ Watch

Head over to the Rocketyard on Earth, and proceed to the back right corner. Several Fallen soldiers seem to be guarding a mysterious building. Blast past those protectors, and you find yourself climbing through some twisty corridors until you come to a set of locked doors. Looking like a set of mall push doors, they don’t strike anyone as the type of gates that would serve as an impediment to super-powered guardians. Nonetheless, these doors remain locked and barred.

As the first enemies you fight in Destiny, Destiny power leveling brings you inside the destiny easier,the Fallen sometimes feel underpowered compared to some of the other alien threats. I’m hoping Kings’ Watch one day swings its doors wide, and gives us some truly deadly new Fallen enemies to confront.

The Reef

Everyone sees this one every time they open their map, but it bears calling out, especially given recent rumors that suggest The Reef may indeed become a playable area sometime soon.

In the storyline of Destiny, you only visit the Reef a couple of times, and never in a gameplay capacity. Instead, we get cinematics in which our guardian interacts with the enigmatic Awoken Queen. However, it’s certainly odd that Bungie has The Reef selectable from the top level director menu, almost as if one day selecting that locale will bring up a map with multiple locations to visit.

I’m crossing my fingers for a new high-level zone that not only includes a new asteroid-themed backdrop, but also high-level patrols and encounters that match my guardians’ high-level abilities.

he Vex Citadel

The Vault of Glass took us deep into the bowels of Venus, but the more imposing sight has always been the Vex Citadel. Looming over the entirety of the playable area of Venus, the cyclopean architecture soars high into the sulfurous sky.

In addition, a cursory venture towards the front of the citadel sends you headlong into a couple of powerful Vex minotaurs. Beyond them, guardians can venture into a vaulted interior space called The Juncture that includes several more defenders, along with a mysteriously inactive energy lift. The lift sits directly below the towering citadel, and seems to suggest an obvious path of entry.


Bungie has already established Mercury’s place in the Destiny fiction, both through mentions in the story, and through the inclusion of a PvP map. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to explore the planet outside the environs of that small competitive zone.

In the storyline, we learn that Mercury is overrun by the Vex, and that much if not all of the planet has been transformed by the mechanical race. The Burning Shrine Crucible map confirms this fact, showing a landscape twisted fully into the Vex’s preferred shapes – almost like a later evolution of what is happening on Venus.

The North Tower Door

Visit the Tower during the limited-time Iron Banner or Queen’s Wrath events, and a massive door opens up a new section of the social gameplay space. Return after the event has ended, and the door stands shut. But that big door isn’t the only blocked entrance that captures our attention when visiting the Tower.

After arriving, hang a left into the North Tower where the Speaker resides, and it’s hard to miss a large circular door that has remained locked since the game launched. While we don’t expect any action gameplay hiding behind, there’s good reason to believe that something fun might be available to explore back there some.

The Last City and The Traveler

Meanwhile, the Traveler that hangs above the city is a mystery as well. While we know some things about the Traveler’s drive to help humanity, there are many aspects of the powerful creature that remain unknown. As the launch game’s story concludes, we’re left to believe that the Traveler can begin to slowly revive. In a future expansion or sequel, I’d love the opportunity to interact directly with the Traveler, and gain additional powers and abilities through interactions with the mysterious being.

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