Bungie’s making it easier to check your rep in Destiny

Bungie’s making it easier to check your rep in Destiny

Bungie continues to tweak and refine Destiny, and one of the changes in the forthcoming 1.1.1 update is going to make a part of the game’s user interface so much friendlier. In a new Bungie weekly update, the developer shows off a welcome new addition to Destiny’s UI, the Reputation Panel.


The Reputation Panel lets players get a quick look at their current rank and reputation in Vanguard and Crucible, as well as with people and factions like the Cryptarch, Dead Orbit, New Monarchy and more. The panel also shows the current Vanguard and Crucible marks limit, and how close players are to hitting the weekly max. No longer will players need to bounce around the Tower to see their current status with Destiny’s vendors and quest givers.

The addition of the Reputation Panel is going to reduce a lot of time wasted poking around Destiny’s current interface. It also looks like Bungie has taken some fan-suggested UI improvements to heart. Bungie says it’s working on “other ways to change the way you visualize your world in Destiny.”

The Reputation Panel will arrive alongside the heavy ammo bug fix and some weapon tuning changes in the 1.1.1 update. Bungie says it’s still planning on releasing that sometime in February. Bungie says it’s going to touch on what’s in store for Strikes in 1.1.1 in next week’s update.

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