Destiny Share ‘The House of Wolves’ Release Date News

Destiny Share ‘The House of Wolves’ Release Date News

Bungie, the creator of the first-person shooter game “Destiny,” announced during the San Francisco Game Development Conference that the game now has over 17 million registered users. According to the user research study that was presented, the average playing time of each user is pegged at three hours per day, which is higher than what Bungie initially expected when they developed the game.

When the game was launched in September 2014, the game’s creators promised that it will continuously provide new content for the game within a 10 year period, which for them meant “building on” and enhancing the existing universe of the game rather than “restarting periodically.” During its launch, Bungie confirmed that there will be two expansion packs of downloadable content: “The Dark Below” and “The House of Wolves.” “The Dark Below,” the first expansion pack, was released in December 2014. “The House of Wolves,” on the other hand did not get a definite release date, with an estimated release date sometime during the second quarter of 2015.

In early February, rumors about a March release date for “The House of Wolves” started circulating, which were not confirmed. Come early March, several reports also came out that the second expansion pack will be ready by May 19. According to an IGN report, a Reddit user claimed that the pack will be unlocked by that time.

“The Queen’s Fallen have purchased their freedom with Awoken blood. Hunt down the traitors and your debt to the Queen will be paid.” It will include “new story missions and a new raid, along with three fresh multiplayer maps and a new strike,” a description about “The House of Wolves” expansion pack says.

All of these reports and leaks have been shared in an official forum for “Destiny.” The community manager of Bungie’s official forum, however, warned users that until Bungie makes official announcements about the game, none of what has been shared online is final.

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