Destiny 1.1.2 update coming prior to House of Wolves

Destiny 1.1.2 update coming prior to House of Wolves

Bungie has further detailed the next update for Destiny, revealing some new features that should be extremely useful for select players.

On the audio front, Destiny’s 1.1.2 patch will add new options to help boost the volume of voice chat relative to in-game sound. Players will be able to tweak a Chat Volume setting that affects player voices coming through your speakers (but not your chat headset) and a Game Volume option that controls all game dialogue, sound effects, and music.

The game’s music, wonderful as it is, can be disabled in the new patch, allowing players to listen to their own music. To incentivize players to keep it turned on, Bungie teases a secret in its latest blog post. “To prove again that Destiny music can also enhance the time you spend with your friends, we’ve added a fun little audio Easter egg to the game,” writes audio boss Jay Weinland. “It’ll be in there, somewhere. Once the update is live, see if you can find it…”

Colorblind support is also being introduced in 1.1.2. While you might not realize it if you aren’t colorblind, the condition can have a real effect on a player’s ability to perceive certain things in the game. The images above demonstrates this; by using the slider to compare the two screenshots, you can see how a colorblind player might be unable to differentiate between loot drop qualities or enemy shield types. The image below shows how higher contrast levels will allow for these players to be able to identify things more easily.

Other changes in the update, which is coming sometime before the House of Wolves DLC, include raid fixes and additional storage space.

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