Destiny Share Upcoming Nightfall And Heroic Strikes Detailed

Destiny Share Upcoming Nightfall And Heroic Strikes Detailed

Reddit user Megamanexe4 has been up to his usual data mining activities in an attempt to try and find out more about upcoming gameplay details for Destiny. Such is his reliable nature, he has managed to turn up the Strike missions for next week, both of which we will detail below for you.

Though despite his efforts, it would appear that he can no longer get accurate returns on predicting Xur’s upcoming stock, this is thought to be caused by alleged changes in how Bungie operates Xur now. A translation from his original post, which is in Japanese, reads “Apparently he can’t query for single items in Xur inventory anymore, whenever he tries the server just returns the same items from this week, all he can do now is predict the Exotic Engram and some of the items in the Upgrade Exotic list.”

The translation goes on to talk about his thoughts on the recent difficulties, saying “He’s not sure if this happens because Bungie is controlling Xur directly or because of the server side changes that have been implemented recently, but if this happens again next week, or the following, he’ll most likely be unable to predict Xur anymore.”

Now, regarding those Strikes. Next week fireteams of 1 to 3 players can take to the Ocean of Storms on the Moon Nightfall Strike where they will take part in a Very Hard difficulty Strike Mission. As per usual, players can expect modifiers to be in play, this time around there are the Epic, Nightfall, Arc Burn, Lightswitch and Angry modifiers in effect.

On the other end of the spectrum in the Weekly Heroic Strike, players will be taking to the Ocean of Storms on the Moon for a Hard difficulty Strike Mission that will have only the Heroic and Arc Burn modifiers in effect. Rewards for this mission include Strange Coins, Cryptarch Engrams, Vanguard Marks and Vanguard Reputation.

Some of the items in the Upgrade Exotic list (rest of the items such as Exotic Gear are similar to what Xur had on 20th March, 2015):

27th, March 2015:




3rd April 2015:

Next Week’s Heroic and Nightfall Strikes:



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