Spent 1200 Hours In The Game From Destiny

Spent 1200 Hours In The Game From Destiny

Destiny has only been on the market since September, but one hyper-dedicated player has managed to sink more than 1200 hours into the game.

A Reddit user named comphermc posted a screenshot of his inventory, and, surprisingly, 1200 hours isn’t enough time to collect every item that Destiny has to offer. Though, the faction ships/shaders are the only things left on his list.

Here are a few highlights, as told by comphermc:

  • I have all the Iron Banner gear for all classes, except for the helmets and the pulse rifle, since they’ve not been sold.
  •  I have gotten all the raid gear from both raids, but for one reason or another, I broke down my titan’s VoG gauntlets. I regret that now.
  •  I have gotten all exotic weapons and armor, and all but the titan’s No Backup Plans are post-DLC versions. I just never use No Backup Plans, so haven’t bothered to upgrade.
  •  I was using my mailbox to hold duplicates of Hard Light and Plan C, and deleted those I actually had in my inventory, so my vault had room to breath. During Iron Banner, I collected too many things on my titan, and Plan C was deleted from the mailbox. Moral: keep a few open slots in your mailbox. 
  •  Each character has their own Vision of Confluence, Icebreaker, and Gjallarhorn. I would probably have done this for other weapons, but using bungie.net to move items around makes it less necessary to have character-specific items.

My wife hates Destiny

You’re probably wondering how it’s possible, to spend that much time in a game while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But, that depends on your definition of “healthy.”

I did the math. Here’s the breakdown:

  • About 4700 hours have passed since the game was released, so comphermc has spent roughly 25 percent of his life playing Destiny.
  • This means that he averages about six hours of gameplay per day, without taking a day off. So, if he took weekends off, this would be the equivalent of a full-time job.
  • According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the average American gets about 507 minutes of sleep per day and spends about two hours preparing and consuming meals. After sleep, eating, and Destiny comphermc has just under eight hours left in the day for work, family, friends, and other interests.

Most wives probably wouldn’t stand for this, but it sounds like she’s got her own obsession.  Here’s comphermc:

  • My wife is a teacher who binge-watches Netflix. I won’t say I haven’t gotten in trouble a few times, but she is usually pretty busy with school stuff and/or whatever show she’s currently obsessed with.

Surprisingly enough, several hardcore Destiny players commented on comphermc’s post, revealing that they too have logged around 1200 hours. In fact, a user named BeefaloCL has about 1500 in-game hours.


Whenever I see reports like this, the comments are filled with people who liberally use phrases like “what a loser” and “get a job,” but I hope we can avoid that stuff with comphermc (and anyone else, actually).Comphermc loves Destiny, so he’s playing Destiny. We don’t know anything about his personal life or his work situation, so lets not judge.

Comphermc seems like a dude who has some extra time and wants to spend it playing a game. I’m cool with that.

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