Destiny Will Support PS4’s Suspend/Resume Feature After Patch 1.1.2

Destiny Will Support PS4’s Suspend/Resume Feature After Patch 1.1.2

Yesterday, Sony released PlayStation 4 firmware 2.50, which added the long pending “Suspend/Resume” feature. This feature will be supported nearly all PlayStation 4 gamers, however PlayStation 4 owners will need to turned it ON manually as it is not Turned ON By Default In Firmware 2.50, and requires PS4 owners to select “Keep Application Suspended” Setting. Check out our guide on how to activate PS4 Suspend/Resume feature.


Destiny players will have to wait a bit longer to make use of this Suspend/Resume feature on PlayStation 4. According to details shared by Bungie, Destiny will work with the Suspend/Resume feature after the patch coming in April 2015. The message from Bungie reads:

“The PlayStation 4 2.50 Firmware update will implement a Suspend and Resume function on 3/26. This function will not work with Destiny at this time. For the time being, when suspending the game to Rest Mode a message will read: Cannot enter rest mode with the following application suspended. The PS4 will close this application and then enter rest mode.

There will be an icon of the application and then underneath a prompt: “The PS4 will automatically close the application in 30 seconds” with an OK and a Cancel button if you do not wish to close the game.

Functionality for the Suspend and Resume feature will be enabled for the 1.1.2 Update.”

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