Destiny: ‘House of Wolves’ DLC Gets A Release Date And A Trailer

Destiny: ‘House of Wolves’ DLC Gets A Release Date And A Trailer

But now Bungie is starting to dole out actual information about House of Wolves, namely when we’ll actually see it released. The expansion will be out May 19th, and the announcement debuted alongside a new “Prologue Trailer” which can be seen below.

The 100-second spot is a prerendered, not-in-engine cutscene, which is a relative rarity for Destiny. It’s narrated by the Awoken Queen of the Reef (voice actress Kirsten Potter) who explains that after showing the Fallen mercy, the Awoken were betrayed by them. She’s “offering the riches of the realm” as bounty for Guardians to come into the Reef and exact vengeance on the Fallen.

The clip confirms what most have known for a while about House of Wolves, that we’ll be working for the Queen and the Reef will be a new, playable area, at least in part. I suspect that it won’t be the size of a full-on planet like the zones we see in Earth, Mars , Venus and the Moon, but a genuine new area is something to celebrate nonetheless, as the first DLC, Crota’s End, only unlocked a few nooks and crannies of existing maps.

Also promising is the idea that there might actually be some semblance of story attached to this DLC, including hopefully new cutscenes which expand on the lore of the game. The Queen and her brother are characters we’ve already encountered in the game to date, and already this would seem to be more involved story-wise than Crota’s End, which introduced its story through the addition of a new Tower vendor alone whose exposition was limited to a handful of mission voiceovers.

It seems likely that Bungie has worked to rectify many of the problems of Crota’s End, hence the delay between the last DLC and this one. Crota’s End came out just three months after the release of the original game, but now House of Wolves won’t arrive until the end of May, meaning it’s going to be about five and a half months in between the last two pieces of content. The delay means more fans have probably lost interest in the game, but if the content itself is good enough, it could bring them back.

I think it’s great Bungie took some extra time with House of Wolves, and I have to imagine they’ll have learned a lot from Crota’s End. They’ll have had to, given that the most common sentiment I heard among fans after the release of the first DLC was “if House of Wolves is just like this I’m done.

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