Purple Ball Has Been “Reborn,” Now in a Different Color from Destiny

Purple Ball Has Been “Reborn,” Now in a Different Color from Destiny

Over on the official Bungie site, the studio announced a HUGE change to Destiny, and that’s the big ball you see in the Tower.

Yep, the Destiny purple ball isn’t as purple now. Here’s what Bungie Technical Artist Nate Hawbaker had to say regarding this game-changing, er, change:

The Purple Ball has been reborn – shinier, more metal, but just as purple in spirit…It has captured the hearts and minds of so many Guardians who visit the Tower in search of their combat wares. We sought to honor their playful rituals by infusing it with the magic that players have clearly assigned to the second most important sphere in the game.

Now, before anyone says it, yes, Bungie is being sarcastic, so don’t spew hate how they seem to be making a big deal out of nothing with the color change.

Here’s what the ball looks like now in case you’re interested:

As for what’s due next after Destiny update 1.1.2, Bungie says update 1.2.0 is the next “destination,” and included in it is the House of Wolves expansion, but it will “impact the experience of every player” regardless if they get the DLC or not.

Have you noticed the ball’s color change? What do you want Bungie to change in the Tower next?

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