Servers Down: Login, Iron Banner Not Loading And Other Issues Reporte From Destiny

Servers Down: Login, Iron Banner Not Loading And Other Issues Reporte From Destiny

It seems like Destiny servers are currently down on all platforms and players are experiencing some nasty issues related to it. As per the details coming out from Destiny players on Reddit, Destiny servers are down on all platforms (PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360). Here are some of the complaints from Destiny players on Reddit  in a thread titled as “[Misc] servers down”:

“Got newt first, then caterpillar. IB wouldn’t load at all, and the daily heroic worked for about 5 minutes then kicked me. 

I am able to login,but can’t get into Iron Banner. Just stays at the 1/12 screen forever. Oh well…. Will try some patrol bounties.

PS4, keep trying to do the Daily and get caterpillar’d instead. EDIT: Every time it happens 4-5 minutes after starting the mission, almost like clockwork. Same in the Tower and everywhere else. I literally cannot be in an activity for more than 5 minutes without being kicked.

I’m getting the entire zoo. Tried switching to Skirmish. Got through one match, then the next one only loading two for each team before kicking us. Que just sits and spins forever, resulting in more zoo tours. Cosmo patrol kicked me after a minute.

Let me know when you want me to play again, Bungie.

Edit: PSN here, and yes, everything else is working and streaming perfectly. I’ve never seen Destiny act like this (this severely) before. Something on their end is wrong.”

Bungie has not yet issued any update or acknowledgement on this sudden downtime of Destiny servers. We have contacted our sources at Bungie for some official words on it, so stay tuned to Gamepur as we will update this post as soon as we get to hear something from them.

Tell us in the comment section below: What issue you guys are experiencing what Destiny right now? do mention the platform.

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