Destiny Share Here are the New Weapon Perks Added with House of Wolves

Destiny Share Here are the New Weapon Perks Added with House of Wolves

With every new Destiny DLC expansion comes a wealth of new content, from co-cop to story to gear. House of Wolves, the final planned DLC add-on for Destiny, is no different.

However, while the majority of the focus with House of Wolves will be on the two marquee cooperative experiences, the Trials of Osiris multiplayer event and the Prison of Elders combat arena, there are a ton of little tiny details to look forward to as well. Gear will get better and hopefully more useful, areas around the Destiny map will open up, and, of course, players will have more new things to do every day.

So far, Bungie has given Destiny players closer looks at the aforementioned Trials of Osiris, as well as the new Reef social space, but they’ve only seemingly scratched the surface. There are so many smaller touches being added with House of Wolves that many may not be aware of all of them.

One example is the new weapon perks that are being added with House of Wolves. Weapon perks aren’t seen as a major part of the Destiny experience, but they can often make or break a player’s loadout.

Now, the below list of House of Wolves weapon perks does not encompass the weapon-specific perks – like those attached to new exotics and what not – but appears to be from the general weapon perk pool. That’s a good thing, though, because the new Destiny DLC adds an option to re-roll weapon perks, meaning players will have a better idea of what perks they want to pursue.

All told, it looks like the new Destiny weapon perks for House of Wolves will come in one of two categories. The first offers players boosts in one weapon category (accuracy, range, etc.) while decreasing another, and the other improves a specific weapon quality when it certain scenarios. It’s obviously nothing that players haven’t seen in shooters before, but it’s nice to see Destiny bring some more variety to the table.

To that point, these weapon perks will likely present players with a little more of a choice when it comes to customizing their weapons. As it stands, most Destiny weapons, even the best guns in Destiny, have a presumed “best set-up” and most players don’t deviate from that. However, if one perk favors range while another favors reloading, the decision might be a little more difficult.

This might also be a small piece of the new weapon perk pool; there’s no way of knowing for sure. Well, at least until the House of Wolves DLC release date on May 19th.

What do you think of these new Destiny weapon perks? Are there any weapon perks you want to see added with House of Wolves?

Destiny – House of Wolves releases May 19, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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