Destiny: Activision Teases Fall Expansion, Calls It Biggest Ever

Destiny: Activision Teases Fall Expansion, Calls It Biggest Ever

The content, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said, is being designed to appeal to not only fans of the series, but people who have never even Destiny power leveling.

During an Activision Blizzard earnings call this afternoon, the mammoth publisher offered a new tease about the “major content release” coming to the Destiny franchise this fall. The publisher said the project–whatever it turns out to be–will be the “biggest content addition to date” for Destiny.

“We have a very robust content plan for Destiny starting with our second major expansion pack, House of Wolves, and then you’ll also see content being dropped throughout the summer,” Hirshberg said. “And then in the fall we will have a major release, which will be the biggest addition to the Destiny universe yet, across all modes of play.

Unfortunately, I don’t have more details than that today, but we’re confident it’s going to be incredibly appealing, not just to our current fans, but also to people who haven’t yet joined the Destiny universe; it’s going to be that big of an expansion.

Overall, Hirshberg said having a “constant stream of robust” content for Destiny is a key component of Activision’s plan for the sci-fi series.

It’s not much of a surprise that Activision would be planning to support Destiny for a long, long time, given the company’s sizable investment in the series. On top of that, Bungie has itself spoken previously of having a 10-year, Lord of the Rings-sized vision for the game.

Interestingly, just recently, Bungie trademarked the name “The Taken King.” The attorney on file for the trademark is the same attorney listed on The Dark Below and House of Wolves.

On Destiny’s immediate horizon is House of Wolves, which we learned a lot more about today. Check out GameSpot’s in-depth House of Wolves roundup for everything you need to know.

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