Square Enix Has Made A Change To FFXIV Free Trial

Square Enix Has Made A Change To FFXIV Free Trial

It’s pleasing to know that Square Enix has made a welcome change to Final Fantasy XIV’s free trial, up to now, the free trial provided merly 14 days to check out the MMO, and now, you can play indefinitely, nonetheless, until now, the free trial come to an end, there exist some limitation such as you can’t advance beyoned level 35.


Forthcoming Stormblood Expansion, and it raises the level cap from 60 to 70, Free trial players can level up any and all classes to 35, they can try out the various jobs, battle their way through the first ten levels of the deep dungeon and more. If you are about to continue to battle, why not now buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil?

The second expansion of the game is Stormblood, and it’s scheduled to arrives in June, at the same time, new classes was introduced to the game, gamers can explore new areas, dungeons, raid and much more. When it launches, PS3 support version will be end, and then Square Enix will be paying more attention to PC as well as PS4 versions.

At present, Final Fantasy XIV is available for PS3, Mac, PC as well as PlayStation 4, according to the latest report, and it clearly stated that Square Enix is considering a Nintendo Switch version, and last year, the publisher was in talks with Microsoft to bring the MMORPG to Xbox One.

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