Albion Online: What Is Coming In The Final Beta

Albion Online: What Is Coming In The Final Beta

Albion Online, the game have been made some necessary improvements, aiming to deliver a long lasting MMORPG to its fans, Sandbox will perform some improvements to the game’s PvE, PvP, economy, progression, and world. At present, the developer team will do its best to release the game as soon as possible.


Some gamers are curious about the final beta of Albion Online, what will be bring for the final beta? Based on some gamer’s questions, we will reply to you at the first time, needless to say, if you have further questions, which are need to addressed, welcome to contact with us at any time. Official website:

What’s Coming In The Final Beta
Reworked Destiny Board
Reworked Guild VS Guild Battles
New Reputation and Crime System
Biomes: Swamps, Steppes and Mountains
New World: Royal Continents and The Outlands
New Powerful Artifact Weapons, Off-Hands and Armor Sets
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Due to Galahad was launched, not only will the PvE system be overhauled completely to give players an even more exciting experience while battling in the world of Albion. For the update content, including 6 new biome cities, mountain city, forest city, swamp city, central city, steppe city and highland city. How to buy cheap albion online gold, and you have the option of seeking out a reliable supplier like U4GM.

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