The Final Major Update Of Albion Online Is Coming: Hector

The Final Major Update Of Albion Online Is Coming: Hector

Gamers are keeping a closer on the further development of Albion Online, as know, Albion Online is the cross-platform sandbox MMORPG gameplay, it’s safe to say that a very complex as well as deep game. If you are not familiar with Albion Online, don’t worry, here is official website:


Albion Online will bring a PvE and PvP medieval fantasy world with a player-driven economy—where all equipment items are player-crafted—along with a unique classless system and much more. Before the official launch of Albion Online, the final major update is coming, Hector. This update contains improvements for the Outlands, the lawless territories in Sandbox’s MMORPG.

The game is set for launch on PC in July. Owing to the last big update soon to be release, and the update will improve the Outlands, the lawless territories of the Albion world. Since the harbors and cities in the Outlands will be removed with the upcoming “Hector” update, as will the banks and market places there, Sandbox Interactive advises players to collect their items stored in those banks and market places and bring them somewhere safe.

For the upcoming Outlands improvements, we can make a summary from three aspects: distribution of resources and other changes, caerleon as the portal to the Outlands and evacuate items. Details about three improvements, U4GM has further informations and cheap albion online gold for sale, recommend you can visit it.

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